For Steam And Country Media Round Up

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Release day has gone AMAZING! We’re already up to #1 hot release for Steampunk books, which just floors me. As it stands now it’s hovering around #4,000 on Amazon overall (big!) and #4 in Steampunk overall. Huge thanks to everyone who picked the book up.

The book is here if you haven’t seen it. If you have, please leave a review now! Even if it’s short, write based on what you know. You can edit it later. What it does is shows people who are looking at Amazon that other folk are reading and approve of the book, which is huge for getting random folk to click:¬†

Also don’t forget to copy your reviews/ratings to goodreads, and add to the shelf there. If you want to spend more time, there’s lists, and if you upvote the book that’s a big help too: ¬†

Again thanks everyone so much especially folk in Realm Makers, CLFA,, Pulp Revolution, Superversive, Clockwork Alchemy and any other groups I may have missed.

Below is all the cool media coverage I’ve gotten all over the internet today (at least that I could remember, sorry if I missed your site, add to the comments if I did!)

For Steam And Country Media Round-Up:

Prequel Flash Fiction Story:  (Most important! read this with the book!)

Guest Posts:


The Awesome Music Video:


Sample Of Audio :








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3 thoughts on “For Steam And Country Media Round Up

    • I was gonna have someone do one but once the music video was made i didn’t see much of a reason to. That was so cool and a trailer couldn’t top that!

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