Edited News Is Fake News

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The paradigm of the whole “interview and destroy” has been something that the fake news media’s used to torch people for years. I’ve talked about it before in article form, where a writer pulls a couple of words out of something to make it look like someone said a quote, but only a word or two is in uttered. Bleeding Cool news used this tactic with me, using my snarky call for Marvel Comics to hire me to write as if that was the content of my piece, when it was actually about how Marvel has bad business practices and is ruining their own brand.

A great example was posted earlier today, where Cernovich and Co. took Crazy Megyn Kelly’s fake news interview about Alex Jones, which like most of those style interviews, took 3-4 hours of footage and deceptively edited a few minutes of it to make him look bad. Turnabout is fair play, and Cernovich re-edited the footage to make it appear as if Kelly was actually praising Jones and his organization. This is exactly what editing does. Every news source you link these days does this whether it’s in article form or video. Watch out for it!

As this type of tactic gets exposed to the average person, something I and others have noted for years about the fake news, we’ll see the power of these organizations diminish. It’s easy to stop watching the nonsense when you learn it’s fake. There are many alternative outlets out there now that post commentary and interviews live, without editing, and therefore presenting a more accurate picture of what’s really going on. This is why I write about topics that compel me in a journalistic sense, and this is what Cernovich does on a daily basis. It’s already starting to reshape the culture as we show how badly the gatekeepers have deceived us for decades with these very same tactics.

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19 thoughts on “Edited News Is Fake News

  1. “I’ve talked about it before in article form, where a writer pulls a couple of words out of something to make it look like someone said a quote”

    LOL. They quoted you exactly for 381 words out of your original 821 words. Do you expect them to reproduce your entire post? They did link to it. And what they cut was just gibberish about your wife not wanting to read about 13 year old girl Iron Man and had no impact on the larger point.

    • Ryan, my new friend! Good to know I’m not alone in pointing out The absurdity found here in Jon’s ramblings. Ha! Bleeding Cool quoted almost 50% of what you said, Jon. Here you go again, stretching the truth and bending reality to fit your agenda.

      Also, you’re really gonna defend Alex Jones? I guess that pretty much says all we need to know about you…

  2. Our host did not say anything about Alex Jones, positive or negative. He merely was demonstrating that the entire interview was much longer than the final piece, and any view of Mr. Jones could have been portrayed with careful editing and music.

    • Oh, come on. You can’t be serious. His support for Jones is clearly implied when he calls Megyn Kelly crazy, and he basically paints Alex Jones as a victim. Just like him. Poor Jon, crucified by Bleeding Cool for quoting nearly 50% of his ridiculous ramblings. Here’s the funny thing about both Alex Jones and Jon: neither of them need anyone else but themselves to make them look bad.

      • Indeed, fake news saying things are “implicit” and not quoting full statements being the problem, and making narratives that don’t exist being a problem is, in fact, my point. You are learning!

  3. The only thing I learn here is what a complete and utter hypocritical toad you are.

    Jon, did you REALLY expect Bleeding Cool to quote your entire statement? They didn’t take anything out of context–they quoted nearly 50% of your statement, and also linked to it!

    And, man, do you REALLY want to start talking about making up narratives? How about the false one where you’re being persecuted all the time for your beliefs? Dude, you flat-out LIED about BayCon. You make up any excuse to make yourself look more important than you actually are.

  4. Here’s my favorite piece of “fake news” about you, Jon: http://www.nerdandtie.com/2017/02/10/jon-del-arroz-blames-not-getting-invited-to-baycon-2017-on-politics-despite-being-invited-for-2018/

    And don’t worry, I quoted every single word from the article below!

    Author Jon Del Arroz has made regular appearances at the San Francisco Bay Area conventon BayCon for the last few years, but they apparently decided not to ask him back for 2017. File 770 reports that even though the con states that the reason they didn’t bring him back for 2017 was to rotate guests and he’s already been invited back for 2018’s convention, Del Arroz has a very different theory for his absence this year.

    Del Arroz thinks it’s because he’s a Trump supporter.

    The author wrote a blog post where he pretty much claims the con organizers are trying to destroy his career. This is, of course, despite a total lack of evidence to support his claim, and the fact that the con had, again, already invited him to appear in 2018. Del Arroz also stated, and I’m not kidding, “I am a minority that’s been discriminated against, not because of my race, but because of my ideas.” Besides the fact that this isn’t how being a “minority” works, the fact that he’s offended someone might judge him on the content of his actual thoughts… is weird? It’s weird.

    Judging people on their “ideas” is literally the only thing we’re supposed to judge people for.

    I don’t know, this whole thing’s ridiculous. I actually don’t even have a problem with a con not inviting someone for their political views (as no one has an obligation to give you a platform), but that’s not even what happened here. Trump supporters like to call liberals “snowflakes,” but it seems to me that there’s nothing more fragile or easily offended than the ego of a man in red baseball cap these days.

    At this point, if I were running a con, I just wouldn’t invite him because he seems like a pain in the ass.

    • The Con program director removed me from speaking because they were upset over how I voted. I am a very fun and entertaining speaker, which most conventions I’ve spoken at (including probably most at this con I was removed from) will tell you. See the way it’s phrased and the rudeness of it as an attack piece by someone I’d never met, never talked to, is what makes that fake news. I don’t particularly get why you’re so obsessed with attacking me either? Does it gain you anything? Do you just like chatting with me? I mean I’m happy to chat but you repeating the same nonsense kinda gets old. If you wanna be friends there’s better ways to go about it.

      • Untrue, Jon. From BayCon. Dude, they PRE-invited you for 2018. There is NO blackballing. I think you may be mentally unstable:

        Jon has absolutely been a valued member of our program and our community in the past. This year he was not issued an invitation. When he contacted me to ask if he’d been accidentally overlooked, I sent him the following:

        “Dear Jon,

        Thank you for your interest in BayCon 2017. We have made some changes to the programming which are discussed in detail here: http://baycon.org/bcwp/programming-2/

        At this time we are not issuing you an invitation for this year’s convention. You are definitely on our guest list for 2018 and we hope very much to see you there.


        BayCon Programming”

        It is not a form letter. It is a personalized letter that was created for him and only him. As you can see, it even included a pre-invitation to participate next year, a thing that is not part of our standard rejection letter.

        We are sorry he feels the need to conduct himself in this manner and that he has decided that being off the program for a single year constitutes a blackball. We are choosing to respect his decision not to participate in BayCon in the future and letting it go at that. Other guests have been rotated out in the past and while there are sometimes hurt feelings, this reaction has been unique.

        I will reiterate Chris’s words above. Political beliefs and personal philosophies are not a litmus for choosing guests. Who a guest voted for is simply not an issue.

        • Indeed, the person who used to talk to me regularly, used to be my friend, used to have regular conversations etc, delivered me a form that was impersonal with a link to a FAQ website to dismiss me to add insult to injury. A pretty awful way to handle that situation, and the entire reason I decided to go public about the matter. If they would have been respectful and friendly, I may have not. And naturally they went to fake news about it to try to save face for themselves. Unfortunately, the truth came out directly on her facebook wall which I’ve linked in another article on here. We’ve been over all this before. I’m not sure why you keep repeating and why you make me keep repeating. It’s kinda pointless.

          Which brings me back to this: I don’t know who you are, but you seem really into me. Why? You can get to know me better by reading my books instead of finding articles by people I also don’t know on the internet for some reason trying to tarnish me.

  5. Jon, they pre invited you for 2018. How is that blackballing you? Maybe your former friend just realized what an arrogant bully you are.

    • That’s a lie because it’s not how it works. They don’t run 2018. New people run 2018. I am not invited to my knowledge. Unfortunately for your narrative, I am good friends with the chairman this year and so I can get direct information. Even so, I doubt I will be invited due to the problems it would cause and likely danger to my health/person were I to attend, and I understand that. This isn’t because of my vote, as this person would never do that, but is what it is.

      It’s funny you come to my blog to call me names on repeat and then call me a bully even though I let you post whatever it is, and even though you do so anonymously. Talk about cowardice in spouting falsehoods. Stop with it already, it’s not even fun or funny anymore.

  6. I’m into you like Batman is into the Joker. You’re basically a creepy, psychopathic clown.

    But, yeah, best for me to step away. You should thank me for not publicly sharing sales figures for your books, by the way. I couldn’t bring myself to stoop that low.

    Ta ta!

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