More Sci-Fi Fake News Dishonesty

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I conducted fun poll about whether you are blocked or not by a very public science fiction author personality who seems to block more than 50% of people who are in the industry or are readers of the genre. My point was this was a very bad marketing plan for someone in the field. It seems to be true at that.

What does the fake news post?

Rounding up people to harass? They lie so hard it’s unbelievable. If anything, Mike Glyer rounds up people to harass me, and rather intentionally at that. It’s been done over and over since he first discovered me. People who  follow his program of harassing me and trying to besmirch my reputation then get really mad when I fight back and don’t just take it.

I exposed the heck out of his little operation, and he’s bitter now. By the way, he used to chat with me and pretend to be friendly before that happened and he suddenly blocked me.

At some point, these people need to get with the times, come to the table, realize we’re here too and we’re gonna be taking a bigger share than them because we’re 1. fun 2. write well and 3. aren’t just negative all the time. Blocking that percentage of potential readers — in a good sample size — is not productive to a career. It’s also not harassment to point that out.

Stop lying, fake news!


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34 thoughts on “More Sci-Fi Fake News Dishonesty

  1. who seems to block more than 50% of people who are in the industry or are readers of the genre.

    I’m sure you are aware of this, but a sample of 218 people who read your blog and/or follow you on twitter does not accurately represent the industry and readers in total.

    • Unlike, I suppose, all the swearing and name calling that Glyer’s commenters do to me, and follow me to twitter to continue to do.

      • Remember when Mike caught you red handed and documented how you sicked 4chan on his site? Even if he’s wrong about you harassing Jemisin, it’s still a reasonable assumption to make.

        Remember, actions have consequences.

  2. Speaking of harassment:

    “Steampunk Jon Del Arroz PRO · @otomo
    5 days
    Commence Operation: Troll The Shit Out Of SJW Sci-Fi Authors On Twitter.
    If you want to participate, ping me. I’ll start a chat.”

    Jon, go fuck yourself.

  3. What a prince you are, Johnny.

    I guess harassment is only okay when YOU do it, right?

    “Steampunk Jon Del Arroz PRO · @otomo
    If anyone is a fan of Sharon Lee — super SJW author who hates me, getting ready to troll her by tagging on twitter/facebook with these. Would love some help. Even if not a fan, can still tag “

    • I don’t see how comparing myself favorably to her writing — which others have noted as well — can be considered anything but a win win for both her and me as people check her work out because of me and vice versa.

    • I have been following Jon since he started all of this with his Rescue Run novel. I have been honestly impressed that everything he has done, has been in the spirit of fun and laughter.
      I’ve never once seen him promote anger, hate, physical attack, or even just online attacks.
      That’s one of the things that has impressed me greatly about him. He isn’t rallying anyone to harm anyone else (unlike certain other people have been over at Mike’s site, and that includes Mike himself).

      His rather light-hearted approach has not only been fun to watch, but it brings both sides attention, and none of that attention is negative. I suspect that the authors he’s been tweaking the noses of have also seen an increase in sales, as people become curious and go check them out.

      A little controversy is always good for business, good for both sides too. As long as you keep it fun and stay away from nastiness.
      Jon’s been staying well away from the nasty. The fact that you people haven’t isn’t hurting him, you need to understand that. It’s the same reason that burger king dropped all those McDonald’s attack ads that they used to do – they discovered it was driving more business into McDonald’s and out of their own as people got tired of all the negativity.

      Hate doesn’t sell.

      • I guess you can’t be bothered to read the the messages of Jon’s I posted where he encourages people to troll and harass “SJW” writers he doesn’t agree with. Life must be great with such blinders on.

        John, the only thing worse than Jon Del Arroz, is your taste in books.

        • I don’t think John said anything about his taste in books for you to criticize. Why are you so mad? I just wanna play with the ball too. No need to hate.

        • I thought the only thing worse was your attempt at witty replies.

          I actually haven’t read any of his books yet. Steam and Country is in the queue, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. And ‘Trolling’ isn’t necessarily a hateful activity. Oh, when you SJW’s try it, it is, but then none of you have a sense of humor. You’re all such dour and hateful souls. Must be rough living life like that.

      • Yeah, this is really lighthearted:

        “Commence Operation: Troll The Shit Out Of SJW Sci-Fi Authors On Twitter.”

        Seriously, what’s wrong with you people? You criticize everyone else for the exact same bullshit you do, but worse.


        • I have a little fun. We have some fun here. We don’t hate anyone tho. Big difference in that. You seem to be genuinely angry at me and I have no idea who you are. That’s weird!

          • Except no one’s being harassed. Comparing my book, positively at that, to someone else’s on a public forum is not harassment. It’s marketing. And it helps market them too. The fact that someone would even potentially get bent out of shape about that means they need to grow up and/or take a chill pill. There’s room here for everyone. Unfortunately I have to take some heat from people like you because the fact that you’re not okay with there being room for everyone somehow upsets you. Need to do some soul searching, brother.

            If what I’m doing is “harassment” in your book, you’re harassing me by a factor of 10x by coming on my blog and calling me nasty names and being rude over and over. I never did that to anyone. And I could just hit block btw. I don’t. I let you do it. How cool, patient and nice am I do do that for you? And how many others would do that in my place?

            Great way to start apologizing and fix things up is to check out and read my books. It’s the only way I monetize the amount of pain and hate I take from random people on the internet.

  4. Jon, you’re deflecting the issue. Calling on people to “troll the shit out of someone” certainly IS harassment. How can you say it’s not?

    • If you’re going to repeat yourself and not move forward, I don’t really see the point in continuing this relationship. Why are you here?

          • Really? Because if we’re going by covers, I’ve got some of the best in the industry. Even your boy Mike Glyer has recognized that.

          • Never judge a book by it’s cover. Maybe the back cover… but not the front. Blog’s a great place to find sample prose.

          • Pro-marketing-tip: everyone judges a book by its cover.

            Don’t be scared of my fiction tho, it’s a-political because I believe fiction should be fun. That’s why left and right readers alike love it and have left so many good reviews.

      • Jon, don’t you get it? It you saw N.K. Jemisin (as an example) post a message urging her followers to “troll the shit” out of you, you would go into hysterics, once again claiming that SJWs are out to get you. And yet, somehow, you take zero responsibility for doing it yourself. Why not?

        Look in the mirror: You’re not “cool” or “chill.” You’re a paranoid crybaby with a martyr complex.

        “Cura te ipsum” indeed.

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