SJW Star Wars Authors Form Online Mob To Harass… William Shatner?

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You read this right. William Shatner, in recent months, has boldly gone where almost no Hollywood actors have gone before (because if they’re not retired they’ll lose jobs and be blackballed from the industry by the fascists in control there) by speaking out against PC culture, mobs, and the drive-by hits that ruin people’s lives. He’s been very funny and light hearted about everything he’s done, of which nothing drives the SJW hate brigade crazier — as their entire goal is to make everyone as serious and miserable about everything as they are.

I did an analysis on Marvel Comics’ writers awhile back, but it looks like the vast majority of Star Wars authors under Disney’s banner are of the same ilk.  In fact, they seemed to do a coordinated assault on the seasoned actor:

And note how the last one ends it — they put out a public demand that anyone who has a different political view than them never be hired. It’s par for the course of what we’ve found in their culture of blackballing and attempting to ruin individual artists who don’t believe like them. This kind of mindset is across the gatekeepers of all forms of entertainment, and it’s extremely frightening. This is real fasicsm. Why does it all come from a company with a smiling mouse that aims at your cihldren? Makes you think.

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4 thoughts on “SJW Star Wars Authors Form Online Mob To Harass… William Shatner?

  1. Nice blog post, John. FYI, I picked up Rescue Run on a lark and have been going through it slowly (simply b/c I don’t have the time, not because I don’t like it). I’ll make it a point to recommend it from here on out.

  2. Sadly, Star Wars fandom is full of these fascist SJWs and that includes a lot of people working at today’s Lucasfilm. I no longer buy any of the novels and have cut back on the comics because of all of the SJW nonsense. Sad what’s happened to something I’ve loved for most of my life.

  3. Chuck Wendig blocked me during a Twitter conversation where I disagreed with his idea of gender-neutral toys. I was polite and used no swear words, but he couldn’t stand a different opinion and blocked me. Shows how close-minded, hostile and bigoted folks like him are against different ideas and viewpoints.

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