For Steam And Country – Now on Kindle Unlimited

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I had a great conversation with my publisher today and with the exciting news about the Dragon Award nomination for Star Realms: Rescue Run, we agreed it’d be a great thing to run a promotion for my other novel, For Steam And Country. If you haven’t checked it out, go do so! It’s extremely well reviewed and free!

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29 thoughts on “For Steam And Country – Now on Kindle Unlimited

  1. “Hey, Jon. You’re book isn’t really selling, so we thought we’d try to give it away for free in a last-ditch attempt to boost its sales. Maybe this way, all of the dumb, red state, alt-right welfare queens who might like your work will actually be able to afford a copy.”

    • lol, wat? If you want to know the inner workings, which I don’t owe you at all as you’ve been completely awful to me for zero reason, it’s actually the reverse. My publisher is very pleased with the sales but I’m pushing that I want more people reading. This was 100% my driving, not Superversive’s. The book is good. It deserves more. I’m a go getter and ambitious. Go check it out instead of spending your time heckling on my website. What good does it do? You know I literally use your comments to drive my sales?

  2. Nope. For Steam and Country hasn’t been nominated for anything–except for the Kindle bargain bin.

    And don’t get me started on the Dragon Awards, which are becoming participation trophies for the puppies who couldn’t successfully hijack the Hugos and are on to delegitimizing another award. You know something’s amiss when hack Vox Day is nominated for something…

    But you keep keepin’ on, Julie! Everyone loves an alt-right apologist!

    • And you can keep on keepin’ on, too, Josh. It must be so much awesome fun stalking an author you hate just so you can bash him every time he has the temerity to post anything on his own blog. Everyone loves a ctrl-left bully!

      Don’t get you started on the Dragons? Well, I mean. You guys told the Puppies to get their own award. So they did. I realize that you didn’t actually mean it when you said that; what you meant was “go away and stop thinking you’re real writers and real fans, because we are the gatekeepers and you unwashed masses just need to go away altogether and stop having wrongfun”–but they went ahead and did it anyway. Don’t like it? Tough. Ignore them if you think they’re that bad.

    • True that For Steam hasn’t gotten awards yet (though most readers actually like it better than my debut), my other book has been nominated for multiple awards now tho 🙂 Pretty cool!

  3. Yeah, it’s so wrong when I do it, but it’s fine when good ol’ Jon does it:

    Speaking of harassment:

    “Steampunk Jon Del Arroz PRO · @otomo
    5 days
    Commence Operation: Troll The Shit Out Of SJW Sci-Fi Authors On Twitter.
    If you want to participate, ping me. I’ll start a chat.”

    Go ahead, Julie! Contort yourself into a swastika-shaped pretzel to defend Jon!

  4. Wow! Someone finally figured it out! Trying to google me so you could dox me? That’s what you right-wing nut jobs like to do, right?

    The real Joshua John Ward would have loved Jon’s crusade against NK Jemisin and would have agreed with Jon that there should be more white respresentation in sci-fi/fantasy! How dare these black women ruin our genre!

    I shouldn’t have been too clever for this crowd, I guess…

  5. NK Jemisin’s books aren’t “fun” because she’s black, right? Just making sure I understand your point. If you’re actually a person of color, your diversity is skin deep?

    You know what pushes your chosen genre forward? Minorities using their voice to bring something new to sci-fi and fantasy. I don’t understand why that threatens so many of you white folks.

    And obviously I don’t support the historical JJW. I was using him to make a larger point that you right wing nut jobs can’t seem to grasp…

      • I KNOW, Jon! Look, you’re exactly what the genre needs–minority voices bringing fresh perspectives to these stories! And by all accounts (based on reviews, etc) you’re actually a decent writer, as much as I hate to admit it.

        And that’s why I don’t understand why you attack other authors of color for being SJWs. Doesnt the fact that you now have a voice at the table make you an SJW?

        Or are you making a dividing line between religion/politics? If NK Jemisin were politically/religiously aligned with you, would you still have an issue with her?

        Look, I’ve been mean to you–as have others here on your blog. And you’ve taken the hits. You could delete all of these negative posts but you keep them up, mainly to help your cause, as you suggested earlier, bit still. That takes some balls. Most people would delete, delete, delete…

        Seriously, though, I’m asking for real and trying not to be a jerk for once: How is NK a JSW, but you’re not? I truly don’t understand your beef, and in many era you come across as a right-wing racist.

        I promise to consider any answer you write, and I’ll leave you in peace from now on.

        • I don’t attack other authors for the most part (I’m human and I err, won’t say never, but I try not to). I haven’t said anything about any authors’ races for sure.

          I don’t know NK Jemisin. She has me blocked and I have literally never interacted with her. I find that kinda funny and sad, so I’ve posted about that. Never said anything about her fiction or character tho, again, cuz I don’t know her.

          Thank you. It does help promote but I am also about free speech so as long as it doesn’t get like TOO nasty, I try to maintain that.

          I honestly don’t know NK or much about her at all! Not sure what that’s about! I don’t got a beef. I would like to know why I’m blocked tho!

          And saw your other post first — but my books are fun, politics free. Most on both sides, including some of the hardcore File 770 people who REALLY can’t deal with someone of an opposite side, enjoy them. I’d be happy to hear your honest thoughts.

          • You have LGrin to thank–that poster made me realize I’ve been pretty awful about berating you here. And, honestly, I don’t feel that great about it anymore. You’re right–what’s the point?

            I wildly, wholeheartedly disagree with your politics and beliefs. I personally don’t understand what’s wrong with social justice, and I think you play victim and self-aggrandize way too much! But…so what. I get it…you’re just trying to write and make a go at it. You gotta do what you can to sell books. And that’s commendable.

            The genre is changing for the better in my opinion, with the inclusion of minority voices, especial women of color. If that’s the fault of SJW-ism, I’m down with it.

            As for NK, I think I get what you’re saying. I imagine that NK gets a ton of vicious messages, and she has a quick fuse in terms of blocking people. If someone came at her as badly as I’ve come at you, though, I’d say they were an asshole. And there’s no doubt that’s what I’ve been.

            There are better ways to get my thoughts across.

            So, look, we’re never gonna be friends (and I can’t believe I’m going to say this), but while it’s free, I’m going to check out “For Steam and Country.” I’m probably going to be predisposed to hate it, but if it’s apolitical, as you say, I’m gonna give it a fair shot. I probably owe you that much.

          • Well glad you hung on, and happy to have a dialogue, which is way better at the end of the day. See I don’t actually care about politics that much — what I dislike about the SJWs is the fact that they HATE people like me out of their circles– including making it difficult for me to get published simply because of my, like any of these authors, talk about who I voted for positively. The hate’s the issue, and I think you’re starting to see that too. That’s what I’m speaking out against and using their tactics to mock what they’ve been doing in that regard. Call it by whatever label you want, but that’s what I try to do in a nutshell — and it’s been pretty effective. I don’t have a problem with anyone being published, but I write some good stuff too and there should be an equilibrium.

            Appreciate you checking it out. It’s 100% apolitical, wouldn’t steer you wrong there. Goal is to make people like my books. It’s fun and light. Thanks again. 🙂

    • No one here is saying that. I don’t know if she’s fun or not. I haven’t read her books for the same reason I don’t read Scalzi’s books: I only have so many hours in a day, my to-be-read stack is higher than my head, and my actual friends keep writing new books. I’d way rather put money in their pockets than hers.

      And, no, idiot. No one is saying that “if you’re a person of color, your diversity is only skin deep.” But congratulations on knocking that strawman right over; well DONE! What I am saying is that I value diversity of viewpoint more than I value racial diversity, because racial diversity IMO is quite superficial.

      And I’m not “threatened.” What an odd thing to say. I read to be entertained. If I want a sermon or a lecture, I’ll go to church or school. I literally give no fucks how much melanin an author has. I care that they tell me a fun story. Full stop.

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