Star Realms: Rescue Run Nominated For Dragon Award!

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Last night I found out that my debut novel, Star Realms: Rescue Run was nominated for the most prestigious award in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Not only that, but every novel on my slate of recommendations got nominations as well. I’m super floored by all the support that you, my readers, have given me since the book came out and how that continues to grow to this day. With voting, this is 100% due to you. You’re the ones who accomplished this and so thank you!

There were some great folk who worked on this book as well: Darwin Kastle, who created Star Realms, was a tremendous help toward getting this project going of course. Antonis Papantonio, who made the beautiful cover art — no one would click on this book without him! Katie Cord from Evil Girlfriend Media believed in the book from the get go. Hugo and now Dragon Award nominated editor Jennifer Brozek who helped me hone and fix crucial areas to the book that made it into the fine piece of fiction it is.  Sarah Craft for her copyedit work and publicity — she got the initial ball rolling here.

Fan groups: Star Realms Fan Created Community is huge. The CLFA of course because I probably would sell 0 books without you awesome people. The #PulpRev for support and blowing my mind about what fiction could and should be. AltFurry cuz you guys have stood by me and very much didn’t have to! My GabFam — also owe my sales and votes to you, you’re the best! Superversive SF for continuing my career and driving votes and my new Realm Makers fam as so many of you have checked it out recently, which is appreciated. If I missed anyone, sorry! I love you too!

This is just the nomination. I’m in a very impacted category of awesome fiction by some great people. I have and have read many of the books in the category and they’re all phenomenal. But please remember to go check your email if you nominated, and vote for Star Realms: Rescue Run for the final vote!

If you haven’t registered, you still can. Enter here:  and they’ll send you an email ballot.

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9 thoughts on “Star Realms: Rescue Run Nominated For Dragon Award!

  1. Congrats, Jon! Looking forward to the Dragons! A Game going forward.

    On the other hand, SJWs got Scalzi and Jemisin on the ballot, so the CHORFs are obviously bringing their Gamma Game. So sad.

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