In The Wake Of The Dragon Awards, Baycon Doubles Down

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Vox Day has been quite vocal about his laws of SJWs, starting with his first book, SJWs Always Lie. We saw this immediately after my being removed as a speaker, when folk who were running the convention took to the hate/smear fake news site, File 770, in order to try to destroy an independent artist that they already were trying to keep down. That was me back in February.

Soon, book 2, SJWs Always Double Down will arrive. And not soon enough, as they’re already doin so with me.

This last week has shown that, as we already knew from the stellar sales that I get as a newer independent author, that people crave my science fiction. I’ve been called the leading Hispanic voice in Sci-fi by many, and then received further validation/vindication of the demand for my writing (if all of the positive reviews on Amazon/Goodreads weren’t enough!) when I was nominated for the most prestigious award in Science Fiction, Dragon Award for Best Military Science Fiction.

As I still have many friends and readers who attend Baycon and volunteer there, I naturally posted my elation to their facebook group of 1,000+ sci-fi readers/attendees. I received many likes on the post, and appreciate all the people who attend who do support my career. I wouldn’t be here without my readers, after all.

Here was my post, which I saved before I was removed from the group, and the hateful leadership who blackballed me last year removed my post:

No one can disagree that this post contains nothing to merit blocking from science fiction fandom. It’s a pure celebration of sci-fi fandom!
After only receiving positive response from Baycon members in the group, I was removed and blocked from seeing the group, my wife was removed as a member (not blocked, hwich is how I saw they took down my post as well), and I was blocked from BayCon’s twitter feed.

There are a lot of gatekeepers in the cultural establishment who don’t just ignore me despite my overwhelming popularity in the field, but they actively hate and want me to fail in my career because of who I am, a Hispanic writer with a voice that people want to hear.

The best way you can send a message to these elites is to buy my books of course, and share with your friends, but right now there’s an even bigger message to send: ensure that Star Realms: Rescue Run wins the Dragon Award for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy. I need your help, as I’m up against the best of the best in the field (and I mean it, I read most of the books on the list– I’m honored to even be among them) but every vote and every push that you make, my readers, changes the culture for the future to create a positive world. If you haven’t registered yet, the link is here.

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10 thoughts on “In The Wake Of The Dragon Awards, Baycon Doubles Down

    • That was my first guess as well. But without clarification, Jon’s rationale for their decision seems like a bit of a stretch:

      “There are a lot of gatekeepers in the cultural establishment who don’t just ignore me despite my overwhelming popularity in the field, but they actively hate and want me to fail in my career because of who I am, a Hispanic writer with a voice that people want to hear.”

      I don’t presume to understand the discrimination you may face, but I do know that it’s usually best not to jump to conclusions about something before you have all the facts.

      • I’d never get published by a corporate publisher. I’ve been blackballed from speaking. Publishing actively blackballs anyone on my side of the aisle. If you’re new here, understood, I may have wrote this post assuming my audience already knows, but go read up on some of my more well known journalism. Nice to meet you and thanks for coming by!

  1. Two questions:
    1) You trashed BayCon all this year, so why are you bothering with them?
    2) I thought you weren’t hispanic and that was the problem with having you on one of their panels “The Other in the Other” or something. I know I read that on your blog earlier this year.

    I am confused by your post here Jon. Why waste time with them if you don’t care what they say or just use what they do to trash talk a con you clearly hate because they asked you to take a year off? I know you have more writing to do so why waste time on them?
    Good Luck and write on!

    • Thanks for dropping by If you look at my original post back in the day on Baycon:

      1) I trashed the idea of political programming in something that bills itself as science fiction entertainment and said it needed to stop (it’s not fun!), and that the echo chamber of riling up anger in politics to hate and exclude people also needs to stop. From there, some people from the con personally attacked me, and I responded. Later when the programming for 2017 was revealed, it showed they didn’t listen to me, so I illuminated that. I love many people who attend Baycon and I don’t fault them for a few of the leadership’s poor decision making last year.
      2) It is pretty insulting to be put on political whining panels because of a name, and actually pretty insulting if you think about it. However that has nothing to do with my heritage. I am hispanic actually on both my mother and father’s side incidentally, though it was my grandparents who immigrated.

      There’s a theme that is something that I like to tackle: which is free speech for artists. When the corporate acts in a way to hold that down, it draws my attention. When it hits me or my friends personally, it does doubly so. I’m working on my next novel, The Stars Entwined, right now actually — I think it’ll be even better received than my Dragon Nominated Star Realms book.

      Thanks! I very much appreciate civil discussion. It’s rare these days.

      • Keep at it, Jon. As seen by #GoogleManifesto and the ongoing SJW & CHORF reaction to #PulpRev/#PulpRevolution, expulsion from the group and de-platforming is their normal response, and they keep doubling down. The more this happens, the more they eat their own and shrink their circle. (See Anonymous Conservative’s book — great read!

        Soon it’ll be nothing but a tiny core of mentally ill SJWs, locked in their underground safe-space bunker, eyeing that bolted door with Nerf guns held in shaking hands, wondering who of the Clan will be devoured next by the other Rabbits.

        #Best Timeline!

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