Three Big Breaking Stories That You Won’t See In The Media

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In Corporate Discriminitory News:

  1. Someone tweeted in support of the president, who then RTd it. Twitter immediately went through and suspended the account. Apparently, from the blue check mark stalkers who were all over this in an attempt to spin this nonsense, the person attempted to sell the account in a tweet (it had a lot of followers) and so Twitter nabbed it on the ToS violation once Trump brought it to prominence. This only happens to one side. Twitter is an evil, discriminatory company, as we are aware. is an alternative that my readers would appreciate, committed to free speech.

Entertainment shame:

2. The Marvel Comics editor who generated fthe phony #MakeMineMilkshake outrage to try to pump up Marvel Comics on the PR end, that the media jumped all over to “defend”, apparently hates the property she works on:

It’s no wonder most fans made comments about the diversity hires in the industry causing problems for Marvel. I’ts really reached critical mass. Marvel has to produce good stories agian, but I’ll doubt we’ll see the entertainment news picking this up. They shill for their giant corporate brotherhood.

and finally:

3. as a self professed Science Fiction and Fantasy website doesn’t want to bother with the Dragon Awards. Is this becsause their parent company doesn’t want to promote several independent titles that conflict with their political ideology? It seems like the case as the site never fails to publish the Hugo nominees. Dragon*Con is one of the biggest SF/F cons in the entire world, much bigger than the relatively small WorldCon convention. The bizarre part is that Tor has a pretty prominent nominee in one of their flagship authors, John Scalzi. Gotta break a few eggs to make their SJW omelette, I suppose? I’ve, as usual, reached out to publisher Irene Gallo, but she has not as of this writing commented.

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6 thoughts on “Three Big Breaking Stories That You Won’t See In The Media

  1. Have you ever noticed that Vox Day’s “three rules of SJWs” are really just “three rules of people in general”? With that said, I think accusing Heather Antos of creating a fake controversy for PR purposes is just projection on your part.

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