There’s Good News Out There – The Tide Is Turning

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In my capacity as an independent journalist, I post a lot about corruption, blackballing, and hatred being spewed by large corporations and media conglomerates, especially ones that attack independent individual artists, workers or their end users for a product. There’s a perception by some (albeit very rare, and mostly among my detractors) that I’m angry or something, this is not the case at all. I’m a Happy Frog, and Happy Frogs are winners. By the way, please check out the Happy Frogs slate of nominees for the Dragon Award and vote, we need everyone’s help to continue this great ride. Support great fiction and independent artists. Here’s the list:

And if you don’t want to go so far as the slate, but want to support me in my fiction writing and journalism efforts, other than buying and reviewing my books, getting this award would be a huge step in my career. I could use your help in voting Star Realms: Rescue Run for Best Military Science Fiction. Sign up here:

(note that ballots are not instantaneous, the Dragon Awards send out ballots in batches twice per week so look for an email from Dragon Con)

With the profit-sustainability accomplished, here’s the good news I promised:

There are a lot of moderates out there and people on the left who are seeing the behavior, and are opposed to it. They are nice people, they are good people, they are often independent creators like myself, and they do good work. I’m not going to make a list and name them in this context, because it brings risk to them, but know they’re out there. There’s more of them every day. I get emails, messages, and now even public declarations of support. And it’s amazing. I cherish and treasure these almost more than the folk on our side who support me, because it takes a BIG risk to do so.

Encourage that, my people. If you see even moderate defense of artists who are struggling with blackballing or an overwhelming amount of industry hate for being who they are, make sure to reward those folk with your dollar, as they’re being brave enough to help us out. It’s so heartening!

Thank you everyone for being here and the tremendous support on the ride thus far. Onward and upward!

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2 thoughts on “There’s Good News Out There – The Tide Is Turning

  1. Yea, I, the happily-married dad with a good job and smile on my face – I’m assumed to be fundamentally angry because I don’t like cowardly, dogmatic behavior posing as enlightenment.

    You’re in California, right? Me, too. I’m seeing just the slightest cracks, but yea, people are still understandably skittish about calling out the brownshirt tactics beloved by our self-proclaimed moral superiors. The revenge fantasy requires victims, after all.

    • heh, yeah it’s really silly to think about in that context. My life is great!

      And yeah, I’m in california. There’s some cracks but this is definitely the toughest place in the country to live and work. Being vocal and stopping that movie in their brains that we’re Nazis out there torturing people and that they’re rescuing people by attacking us — which we do put a stop to by existing and not being violent like them — is imperative. Just need a few more of us to stand up and do it.

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