Looks Like I’m Goin’ To Worldcon!

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Got a nice email back from the Worldcon committee last night on setting up a table and getting some #PulpRev goodness going for WorldCon 2018. I doubt I or any of the other PulpRev folk will be invited to panels or anything like that — so the thought is, we’ll have our own and discuss science fiction on our terms — like we always do! And it’ll be a lot of fun in the process.

The current plan is to get a table in the vendor hall, where we’ll set up. I’m not the best at recording stuff — if you’ve watched my youtube you’ve seen I’ve operated even without using a mic or anything like that, so if someone has a mixer or can help me get set up to do a proper podcast/vidcast sorta deal in the next year or so, that would be extremely helpful!

Also — this is a call for #PulpRev types to plan your Worldcon. It’s in San Jose, CA and you’ve got a year to figure things out. I’m happy to host people who don’t want to pay for hotel at my house in — which is about 35 minutes from the convention, though if too many people take me up on this we’re gonna end up with floor space only, so plan accordingly.

Hopefully we can get some great guests and make this the best convention of all time. With me there, won’t be hard, as I bring the fun wherever I go. Just ask the folk who have attended my stuff at Baycon over the years. 🙂

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