Why Is NYT Bestseller and Hugo Award Winner John Scalzi So Afraid Of Me?

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I talk about this and the history of my bizarre situation with him on Periscope:


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5 thoughts on “Why Is NYT Bestseller and Hugo Award Winner John Scalzi So Afraid Of Me?

  1. I’ve been a professional writer since 1984, both non-fiction (magazines, newspapers, online and sports biographies) and fiction (comics, novels, anthologies). Scalzi was still in high school in 1984.

    So I think it’s pretty safe for me to say I know what I’m talking about here: John Scalzi is NOT acting like a professional writer. His vile attacks on fellow Dragon Award finalists, some of the winners and the administrators of the Dragon Awards are not what professionals do.

    If the man had even the least bit of decency somewhere in that blackened soul of his, he would apologize for his conduct. Given how many people he has treated in such a disgusting manner, it will keep him busy for some time.

  2. I got half way through the feed and stopped. As you said, it was win-win no matter what he replied, but it sure sounds as if you wasted a lot of time and effort on him. And why would you want to go to a baseball game with him?

    • I didn’t waste any time. I sold many books because of his bizarre tirades on me. Thank you for your concern.

      Answer to the next question: because I always want to go to baseball games! If he wants to come and hang, great!

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