Star Wars / Marvel Writer Chuck Wendig Must Apologize for Bigoted Remarks To Hispanic Author

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Is this what Disney as a company┬ástands for? Privileged white authors saying these kinds of things about minority authors they don’t know? Do they support people who seek out rising star Hispanic authors, and call them horrific things on the internet?

I don’t know Chuck, have never interacted with him save for asking to be on his blog as a book promotion — he gives guest posts to some authors. Yet he says these extremely hateful things about me on the internet. Why? How does he even know who I am?

Do you think I need a restraining order? Or is this perhaps racially motivated as this cis-white author is scared of his crumbling power to minorities? It really makes you think.

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20 thoughts on “Star Wars / Marvel Writer Chuck Wendig Must Apologize for Bigoted Remarks To Hispanic Author

  1. I’m guessing he just hates your politics or religious beliefs. Most likely both. From what I know of him he seems quite the sjw tool bag. Probably doesn’t even realize he’s on the wrong side. I wouldn’t concern myself with the likes of people like him.

  2. You must organize! Start a campaign through all the bibliotecas and Hispanic Literature classes nationwide! Fight the power! Attica! Attica!

    • I should I whole-heartedly recommend:

      CJ Carella
      Jason Cordova
      and me of course

      Portuguese Hispanics:
      Sarah Hoyt
      Larry Correia

      Great writers.

      • Or, you know, five YA books, and NINE NOVELS that weren’t work for hire.

        I think that you’re just looking for publicity. Or maybe money from Disney? Either way, there was no racist component to that insult Mr. Wendig dropped on you, so quit your whining, grow a pair, and move on.

  3. After looking at your misogynistic, whiney blog posts I think that Chuck was being too kind. There is no racial component to that tweet. Guess he just doesn’t like sexist arseholes.

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