Star Trek: Discovery Trying Too Hard To Virtue Signal

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This is going to be a disaster. Everyone sees this from everything they release. Even with their marketing efforts they are so far off the mark and insulting to fans by their attempts to make this show a pure identity politics showcase that they flat lie to journalists:

How Sonequa Martin-Green became the first black lead of Star Trek: ‘My casting says that the sky is the limit for all of us

I am afraid to read the rest of this article. Maybe they think that non-star trek fans won’t know the difference? Or maybe ST:D’s producers and marketing team thinks “they all look alike.”

Update: If you think it’s just a headline typo, the direct quote from the actress herself who clearly has never bothered to watch star trek even in her research for the role: “So having me as the first black lead of a Star Trek, just blasts that into a million pieces.”

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21 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery Trying Too Hard To Virtue Signal

  1. Why edit the headline to fit your agenda? Isn’t that what you constantly call “fake news”? Oh, that’s right–you’re a giant hypocrite.

    Actual headline: “How Sonequa Martin-Green became the first black female lead of Star Trek: ‘My casting says the sky is the limit for all'”

    Her actual quote: “So having me as the first black female lead of a Star Trek, just blasts that into a million pieces.”

    Why lie, Jon? Why remove “female” from both the headline and the quote? You need to apologize now.


    • It seems like they changed the title (and quote) after the fact. The original archive is archived at the link. My guess is that after they got a few thousand “Er, Sisko?” messages they “fixed” it. So I don’t think an apology is owed. Well, except by your calling people loars like a common troll.

        • I’m not sure what “loars” are, but I bet Jon is one of them! 😉

          Look, this is definitely some sloppy journalism. Blame the reporter, not the show. Especially since you haven’t even SEEN it yet.

          Unless, of course, you want to be consistent and call out Roddenberry for being a SJW, too. At its heart, Star Trek is a progressive and forward-thinking series.

          • And it’s pissing me off. I’m sick of being told of how kumba the Federation is. Man I’d love to have a recurring Khan like character just to call out the brittleness of the Federation and force them to toughen up with real meritocracy
            I was particulalry put off by the Next generation (Deep space 9 was better). I saw some reruns and boy have they aged badly.
            Roddenberry wasn’t SJW because he lived through the Depression and the war. He saw real meritocracy in action and still retained the optimism that characterized the generation before Vietnam.

    • I didn’t lie. You’re lying that I lied. I archived it. Click the link. They changed it when there was fan outrage. You can apologize to me for your complete wrongness and then personally attacking me over it now.

  2. Like I said, Jon, after you pointed out that the headline had been updated: Blame the sloppy reporting, not the cast and the show.

    Why don’t you watch it before you bash it? You. Haven’t. Even. Seen. It! What if someone criticized one of your books before they read it?

    So, what’s your deal? Do you just take pleasure in clutching your pearls while having a knee-jerk reaction to a sci-fi series that literally has a tradition of diversity since the 1960s?

    You may not have lied, but your initial post is definitely disingenuous.

    • Except the quote was direct from the actress. They updated that too. Either it was an intentional lie from Discovery’s PR department, or Discovery doesn’t know star trek even on a cursory level which is disconcerting for the show.

    • This snowflake was triggered extra hard. When Discovery bombs he’ll surely find a way to pretend it was bad all along and no one warned him of this. It’s the same play book over and over.

      • Oh, jeez. Project much? I’m not the one crying and whining about a TV series that I haven’t even seen yet. You alt-righters are the biggest babies of all, your faces constantly turning red with faux outrage. If you don’t like Star Trek, watch some sci-fi that won’t offend you, like reruns of Alf.

          • That’s okay, Sparks. You won’t be missed.

            Besides, I have a feeling you’re too busy watching Starship Troopers on an endless loop, without the ability to understand that it’s a satire.

  3. Nobody has said it better than Dan Harmon, whose Rick and Morty female writers were harassed and doxed by broflakes who share your sentiments:

    “These knobs, that want to protect the content they think they own — and somehow combine that with their need to be proud of something they have, which is often only their race or gender. It’s offensive to me as someone who was born male and white, and still works way harder than them, that there’s some white male [fan out there] trying to further some creepy agenda by ‘protecting’ my work. I’ve made no bones about the fact that I loathe these people … [T]hese [harassers] aren’t politicians and don’t represent politics. They represent some shit that I probably believed when I was 15.”

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