#ComicsGate Escalates To The Mainstream Media

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We all saw the horrific actions of industry professionals looking like they were going so far as to attempt to goad Diversity & Comics into a crime, like it was some bad 80s movie, and while we can laugh at the spectacle of it, it’s a crazy scary trend for comics and all fandom. They’re escalating things to levels never before, as their blackballing has gotten the industry into huge financial trouble at this point. Now they’re doing things like this, and advocating authors like me be banned from fandom & conventions.  However, this level of escalation looks terrible to the onlooker. It’s so close to political violence that it’s been picked up by PJ Media. They interviewed both me and Diversity & Comics yesterday:


In #ComicsGate it’s not that the ride never ends. It’s the High School never ends.

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