New Release Book: War Demons by Russell Newquist

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I meant to blog about this on Wednesday but with how crazy this week has been, I didn’t quite get around to it. For those new here from the SFWA Anti-Male Writer controversy or #ComicGate, I try to make sure to keep people up date on fun fiction that’s politics-free in the market, as the most important thing we can do outside of calling out the massive ethics problems in the entertainment industry, is to support people who don’t hate us, who write fun, action-adventure like we keep demanding.

Russell Newquist hit that spot with War Demons.

I almost never read Urban Fantasy as a genre. It’s known by the Dresden Files or Monster Hunter or October Daye, but for some reason I just love Steampunk or Space as a setting a bit more than a modern environment. Maybe it’s my PTSD from having read Spider-Man’s One More Day arc that i just can’t read modern supernatural fiction anymore.

But this story follows a soldier with some PTSD, who’s not sure if the problems he’s having adjusting back from his trip from Afghanistan are in his own head — until the world goes crazy with demons, zombies, and so much off the wall action it never lets up.

I received an early copy of this, and already left my review (and my blurb). So if this kind of story appeals to you, check it out:

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