The Limit To My Patience

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I had a commenter just now look up information about my 8 year old son and start ranting about me. It’s the only comment I’ve deleted in recent memory. There is a line, you harassing my children is it. If you post stuff like that I will get your IP and I will send it to the police. I am not okay with your pedophilia creepiness on my blog or anywhere else. Last warning.


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18 thoughts on “The Limit To My Patience

  1. Jon, in all seriousness that’s not right and I hope whatever idiot did that gets the message and stops.

    But, you get what you give. Stop trolling and harassing people and you won’t be opening yourself up to that kind of behavior.

      • J.A. I’m not excusing the behavior, it’s inexcusable, but as a parent you also have to realize your own bad behavior can have consequences beyond just you.

        • I don’t have bad behavior. You’re done now. I tried to let you talk man but this is not the place to fight with me. I’m gonna be blocking your comments from here out if you don’t stop.

        • okay you literally said “you get what you give,” in other words “you deserve it.” you are LITERALLY excusing this asshat’s behavior. seriously man? gross.

        • Man, fuck you, Ryan. There is no excuse for doxxing unless the person in question has made actual threats. Jon has not done so. Take your self-righteous excuse-making and shove it up your ass. Assuming it will fit there alongside your head.

          You literally just told a guy whose kid was doxxed “Well it’s your fault because you’re a bad person, you bad person.” No. It’s not Jon’s fault. It’s the fault of the person who did it. Full stop.

          I said it before. I’ll say it again. Insane troll logic.

    • Ryan, I’m doing journalism. In fact my last journalism was about someone being harassed by industry insiders to the point of people taking stuff to real life and threatening harm. your side is doing that. You need to tell your people to stop. But thank you for at least acknowledging there’s a line that’s too far.

    • I’m not sure it’s illegal to post details about a minor’s existence. It might be hard to prove it’s a threat. Who do I report that to, local police?

      • Sorry, that was the first thing that came to mind. I hate it when they bring in family. I would suggest try and use the existing system. If it’s on FB, report them for harassment and make a massive scene about it. They’ll tell you to block the guy, sure, but now there is at least a complaint on record. It’s a start. It’s all about building a trail.

        The other thing is, if there is even a hint of a threat towards kids, I’d report them, for the same reason as above.

        These idiots are so used to saying things without worrying about the consequences. That must change.

        • It was here. I deleted the comment and screen saved it. I also now have his name and home address. It looks like it’s not an industry professional. I’m not sure what the next step is that I should do on that.

          • This is just what I would do if it was my kids mentioned by a weirdo, I’d sent that screen capture to FB and demand they take action, whether through warning or suspension of that person’s account. People have been suspended for less. Kids are way off limits.

          • Yeah I’m gonna call. He’s actually made a twitter shill account now and is bragging about it and how he found it cuz it’s public information. Still posting about my children though which is crazy.

  2. Jon — take no chances. Hunt, find, and prosecute-to-prison. These SJW cretins are barely sane, so you have to drop the legal hammer as hard as you can when they threaten, and especially when they threaten children.

    Millstone, child abuser, sea — some assembly required. Luke 17:2.

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