Warriors Superstar Steph Curry To Right: Don’t Watch The NBA

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Yesterday, in a team meeting, Steph Curry made a flippant comment about the White House visit for the NBA Champions, stating that if it were up to him, the discussion would be short, implying he would never go to the White House. The comment is yet another in a long line of powerful entertainment virtue signalers making politics out of everything, destroying every nice moment and tradition in our culture from fiction awards ceremonies, to this.

As such a prominent figure in entertainment, Steph Curry has a bigger responsibility however than most. When people like John Scalzi spout off, they look foolish, but they’re talking to a small group of adult followers. Curry, when he speaks, speaks to millions of kids everywhere.

What he just did to these kids is give an example that someone can and should stick a middle finger to the White House or to anyone they disagree with, even when it’s not a political situation. What it says to kids is it’s personal, and we should all act like bullies when we can.

While it encourages more nonsense and people’s behavior to get even more divisive and toxic, what he doesn’t realize is the trickledown effect. At the point he does this, the kids see other people they disagree with — people not in a position of power or authority like Mr. Trump — but say a random blogger like me. They then take that as license to stalk my family and try to ruin my life, even though I’m just some guy. The psychological effect on kids is what then creates the riots in the streets of people burning down universities like Berkeley because they dared let someone speak for an hour.

And that’s frightening. That’s what it does to the next generation. What am I going to do for my kids who are huge warriors fans at this point? Never turn that on again. They don’t need to see that, they don’t need to be influenced by that behavior. Curry hates anyone on the right to the point he won’t even go to an honor and shake someone’s hand. By proxy, he hates me too.

I wish just once, one of these entertainers would do the right thing. To step up and stop the nonsense, to say they want everyone to be able to watch them perform. I do that regularly. I love all of my readers left and right, even the ones who get a bit nasty to me sometimes. I’m happy you’re here reading and i appreciate it.  It’s past time to end the hate. People are trying to injure folk. People are trying to hurt people’s families. No good is coming of doing what Steph Curry does. Stop it.

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19 thoughts on “Warriors Superstar Steph Curry To Right: Don’t Watch The NBA

  1. why is it that when someone expresses a different opinion from yours, it’s “virtue signaling”?

    Steps is entitled to his opinion and he’s entitled to express it.

    • The white house honor is not just saying “I don’t like policies” it’s a personal middle finger to disrespect the president personally. I know SJWs don’t understand how to interact with other human beings. I don’t know why. Maybe you should go ask your SJW friends and figure it out.

        • Uh-huh. would you have said the same about a player refusing to go to the Obama White House, or would you have accused them of being a petty (and probably racist) asshole? What if Hillary had won and some player had said “Nah, not going, she’s awful”?

          Because, make no mistake, this is petty assholishness. It is also divisive and not useful.

          • Yes, would have said the same.

            Also, the conversation is not up to you, nor should it be, until you get an invitation

          • Obviously, they are. Duh.

            But I swear before all I hold holy that if they don’t quit injecting politics into my escapism, me and my deep pockets are going to find another form of escapism. I know I’m just one person, but multiply me by a few million, and you might be talking real money they might actually feel.

            I normally watch football literally all day on Sunday. I did not, yesterday, even though two teams I like played two different games. I don’t know if I’ll watch next week or not. I have books to write, and freeing up nine hours in a day to do that allows me to get more work done.

          • So you let something that happens before the game and in no way effect the play of the game stop you from enjoying something you’ve loved? I find that weird.

          • I find it difficult to love a thing when the people engaging in it are behaving badly, yes. Separating the art from the artist is a thing I try to do, but sometimes the artist is so tainted that all I see is them when I look at their art.

            So, until the NFL decides to get its collective head out of its collective ass, I guess I’ve got nine hours on Sunday to write in now.

          • Good for you, not because of your principles, but because watching 9 hours of TV in a single day is ridiculous.

          • To be fair, unless it’s a team I really like, it’s more background noise, but now I guess I’m not going to have that. Three games = nine hours.

      • The best way to teach them that aspect of the job they have, and how they get paid, is to do what you recommended: don’t watch (cut the cable), don’t go to the games, don’t buy the merch, don’t go to the signings, don’t support the advertisers and sponsors.

        This is painful, especially if you are a fan, but there really isn’t a better way to teach this lesson. It’s challenging, because lots of folks have to do the same thing as you, but like with the NFL and Goodell, folks are getting fed up with the SJW virtue signally and lapdogging. We’ll see how many are willing to walk.

  2. Hey, if it was up to me, the conversation would be short. It would go something like this:

    “Of course we’re going to the White House. Why is this even a question? Sit down and shut up.” The word “idiot” would not be said, but strongly implied.

  3. Are you really worried about the children? Really? If so, I’d spend your focus on the abomination that is Donald Trump–and the countless hateful, bullying, disrespectful things he’s said–and not Steph Curry.

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