A’s Tickets Burned

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Had some techincal difficulties where it didn’t post to Periscope live and the tickets are actually very hard to burn and didn’t provide the super exciting optic I’d hoped, but it’s done now. America First.

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6 thoughts on “A’s Tickets Burned

  1. Jon Del Arroz first, you mean. This is so self serving and disingenuous.

    Jon, if you really cared about America and the troops, you could have sold those tickets and donated the money to veterans’ causes.

    • LOL like you’re concerned about anything I do for real. you just go out and post negative on everything. Why on earth would I advertise what charity my family does on here? you guys would probably find the charities and try to destroy them given the way you act.

      • Jon, I actually understand that real men don’t “advertise” their charity work. They do it quietly with grace.

        Yet, in your mind, even in this hypothetical situation, you’re a glory hound—posting on periscope about your donation. Very telling.

        Also, real men don’t burn their tickets like babies desperate for attention.

        I’ve never seen a more entitled, triggered, safe-place-needing group like the one upset about athletes taking a knee.

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