The Most Offensive Periscope Ever

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All this week I’ve been promising that today I would deliver my most offensive, outrageous Periscope ever. And I delivered:

This is so over the top action that it’s banned from government institutions, schools, and polite company, and probably should be banned from the internet as well.

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6 thoughts on “The Most Offensive Periscope Ever

  1. Let me guess… Is it you praying? Gotta be. I don’t even have to watch.

    You need to study the constitution, bro. There’s a little thing called separation of church and state. It’s something that actually DOES make America great.

  2. My goodness, Jon – do I detect you deleting posts? But you said you didn’t do that. Selective truth? Oh, that’s right you conveniently deleted somebody supposedly referring to your kids…which you do all the time…and then said it was a threat. Convenient indeed.

    • Why do people make crap up about me deleting posts? I don’t unless there’s over the top swearing or like stuff about my kids or something. I love that you think criticizing me over doing that is even remotely a bad look for me. It’s only a bad look for you.

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