Marvel Uses Stan Lee As Shield For Their Hate

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This actually would have been a great example for the increased vitriol I was talking about in my last blog post, but I just saw this video Marvel released, where they had a very old and frail looking Stan Lee talk about how Marvel “always has touched on cultural issues” — a standard mantra I see whenever SJWs attempt to turn a once fun entertainment industry into their own personal culture war weapon.

The video goes on where Stan condemns “bigotry and hate.”

I don’t even know if Stan is paying attention to the current sorry state of Marvel Comics, or how far Marvel has gone in signalling both in their comics or via what their writers say in terms of how much they hate half the country, but this was clearly scripted, and it clearly wasn’t penned by him.

In recent weeks, Marvel writers have all gone on “autoblockers”, ensuring that fans can’t read their content if they follow certain comic reviewers. It’s that big of bigotry by these writers that if you like an unapproved comic reviewer, they don’t want your business. Spider-Man writer Dan Slott has even posted on twitter that he doesn’t care about sales, he’d rather signal his hate over and over and keep his sales low. They don’t care about the beloved characters they work on, they only care about hating you.

It’s ironic, in a talk about bigotry, that I asked Dan Slott if we were going to get a special Spider-Man President Trump issue like we had for Obama. They made a big deal out of that election,  put Obama on the cover and had a whole issue about how historic and wonderful it was. Of course, it’s just about love of country, right? We should get one for the current president if they’re not playing politics. His response?

And as we know, we have industry professionals attempting to conspire against reviewers they don’t like to goad into violence. That’s how much intolerance and bigotry comes from Marvel Comics itself. SJWs Always project.

This video is actually probably the most offensive thing Marvel has done. As if taking beloved children’s superheroes and turning them into social justice farces that don’t have anything to do with their former nostalgic connections wasn’t enough, now they double down by justifying the way creators are lambasting their fans and half the country on a regular basis, by taking a revered old man and using him as a human shield for their poor product.

It’s too far. As if the fake #MakeMineMIlkshake controversy wasn’t enough, as if their bad message fiction that parents can’t let their kids read because it’s so bizarre and graphic wasn’t over the line, this is about it.

And this is why we need more alternatives like Alt-Hero. At this point, it’s fans sending a message “no more.” And we need to do that if we’re going to get this industry back to being the fun zany adventures of fictional characters who can do amazing things that it used to be. It used to be about imagination, and as Stan Lee said, heroism. now it’s about telling the fans they hate them.

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18 thoughts on “Marvel Uses Stan Lee As Shield For Their Hate

  1. Stan Lee is certainly in a MUCH better position than you to know what Marvel has always stood for. I mean, we were seeing “diversity hires” in The Amazing Spiderman in 1967 and in the X-Men in 1975.


  2. Actually picked up a copy of Legacy 1 because of the snivels of “how can you have an opinion if you haven’t even read it?”

    I think I’ve read my last Marvel comic.

    The first time we see Cap in the comic, the TV voiceover is asking, “When will he be called to account for things DONE IN HIS NAME?”

    What. The. Fucking. FUCK?” Steve Rogers is be held accountable for an entire reality created by a cosmic entity goaded to act by a third party? And all the actions of every other free-willed being in that universe? Seriously? No system of justice this side of Lavrenti Beria works like that. Is this what our fine progressive betters consider sophisticated thought?

    As for the art, which makes me miss Don Heck and Herb Trimpe, nothing more needs to said. And the characterization… well, it looks like Jane Foster found some of Thor’s old script notes in her cape and that’s about it.

    And the “script”? ANOTHER cosmic crisis with MORE cosmic entities? How many of those of h avewe seen by now? I’ll give you a hint: ONE. Over and over and over… nope, I’m done.

  3. I think you should say this to Stan’s face the next time you’re both at a convention. (Unless you’ve been banned from them all because of your rude behavior.)

    My guess is that he’d really, really want to give you the ol’ Buzz Aldrin.

  4. For how often these wannabees have smeared Stan Lee and his contemporaries as bigots and racists, etc, you’d think there’d be little love lost between the modern fan fiction hacks marvel employs and Mr. Excelsior himself.

    Ah well. Hope he made some scratch out of this farce, and that he didn’t feel obliged to skim through any of the recent fare from his own company.

  5. Comics have been tackling social issues since Cap punched Hitler. If you have a problem with Nazis getting punched now, the only logical inference is because you are one.

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