Alt-Hero and Project Update

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Getting a lot of traffic again this week from both the Marvel #ComicsGate article and the announcement made last night about Alt-Hero.

First off, a cool interview on my writing background just went live here.

For those new here, hi! I’m Jon Del Arroz, geek entertainment journalist and science fiction author with a healthy dose of gorilla mindset. My debut novel, Star Realms: Rescue Run was nominated for the Dragon Award for best military science fiction, and my steampunk novel, For Steam And Country, is even more popular with my readers, the first book of the hottest new steampunk series of 2017. Most recently I released Gravity Of The Game, a field of dreams in space novella which is getting a lot of positive buzz from baseball and non-baseball fans alike. Folk are saying it deserves a Hugo nomination for best novella!

I have shorts out in a couple anthologies if you want a bit of a mix. I’d recommend A Fistful Of Credits (this one has my personal favorite short story I’ve written) . or Storyhack there, as those stories most exemplify my writing style. I’m also involved in the MAGA 2020 anthology, which features an introduction from Milo Yiannopoulos, coming out in November.

A busy year! And I’m not done yet.

As mentioned over on Vox Popoli, I’m going to be co-writing the Alt-Hero novelization with Vox Day. We’re still in the planning phase on this as to exactly how that will look, and the comics are going to come first there so stay tuned for more updates. This’ll be really exciting. I love superhero work as I’ve written several comics and will be in a superhero anthology from Silver Empire publishing in the near future as well. Alt-Hero in particular has a cool concept and characters that I think could reshape comics, and become a brand to rival some of the bigger comics out there. If you haven’t backed the freestartr, please do!

As for other updates here’s where we’re at:

  1. The Stars Entwined – Space Opera novel, first in a big universe I plan to write in for a long time. It’s with an editor right now and may be out before the end of the year.
  2. Von Monocle 2 – Outlined, will be writing over NaNoWriMo and giving detailed process updates the whole time.
  3. Mars Anthology for Superversive Press – About 50% done with edits. No story in this but I am editor.
  4. Reach For The Stars – This is a standalone that overlaps with The Stars Entwined but has a very different cool story. First Draft Complete will be editing soon.
  5. Deus Vult In Space – First Draft Complete.
  6. Alt-Hero: Planning stage.

For Short works I have a few things coming, but not much as I don’t like to focus there. It should remain fairly light through the rest of the year:

  1. Space marines midwives short – first draft complete.
  2. X-O Manowar fanfic novella – I’m messing around with this, no real timeline on it. It’s got about 3,500 words drafted. This is releasable via Kindle Worlds.
  3. Shared Worlds story with a fellow dragon nominee – brainstorming.

Very busy!  I won’t be taking on any more bigger projects until I get all this out, and probably Von Monocle 3 and The Stars Entwined 2 at that point. But there’s a lot to look forward to. We’re just getting started and I’m still not tired of winning!

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4 thoughts on “Alt-Hero and Project Update

    • I’ve never tried it. I might in the future though. I have friends who are good at it. Robert Kroese is a good resource there.

  1. Jon — Congratulations on your selection as co-author for the upcoming Alt★Hero novel! You achieved a well-earned success on what looks to be a fun shared universe. These PulpRev projects are starting to reach the exponential knee, and I suspect that more folks will start their own. PulpRev itself is approaching PulpSpeed!

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