Praxis by Justin Knight

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Last Friday, as I mentioned in my periscope earlier, we had a new science fiction novel come out by one Justin Knight, of which I had the privilege of reading an advance copy. Praxis is the story of a group of humans going to a mining colony for the first time, mostly focused on the organizational aspects of heading out on such an expedition, and the personal relationships that are impacted.

Much of the book is very slice-of-life, and Justin is fantastic at presenting unique and thoughtful characters that have conversations like you and I would have. I thoroughly enjoyed the main characters. It does get a little political on the right spectrum in the way it handles radical feminism, but not burdensome so.

There’s an interweaving side plot of aliens who are dealing with escaped prisoners which escalates throughout that. It culminates in solid action, but I won’t spoil that further for you.

Much of the book is close to hard science fiction in the not too distant future. The characters have a lot of things like kindles and the like, and it’s loaded with references to popular culture.

If this sounds like your speed, check out Praxis, available on Amazon. 

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