4chan vs. Shia Labeouf Season 7

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This has been the most compelling reality show on the internet, probably of all time. I blogged about it a few months ago when the first couple of seasons of capture the flag occurred, so far with 4Chan undefeated even into this seventh season.

Now the stakes are so much higher, and the flag is so much higher too: 

This takes us up to the current day, where the flag has now suddenly appeared atop a building in Nantes France of all places. The move announced via Shia himself on twitter.

The irony that Shia has chosen “Frogland” itself has not been lost on the Pepe loving troll army over at 4chan. With French /pol/ users already starting to organize, it is hoped a mission will soon be attempted once an overall strategy is decided upon. With climbing seen as risky, the use of drones is already being considered as one possible approach.

Whatever is decided, many online are just happily surprised to see that the game is back on. Though with Shia’s recent string of arrests and his seeming continued mental breakdown, it remains to be seen how well he will cope with losing his precious flag again. It won’t likely be long either, considering this video posted just today, that confirms one brave French player has already gained access to the overall roof in question.

We are so blessed to live in this timeline, that’s for certain. The question isn’t whether 4chan will win, but rather, how long it will take them to do so? Any bets?

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A beautiful new pin up of the character Rebel was dropped today:

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