Marvel Comics Editor: All Men Are “Part Of The Problem” #ComicsGate

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The implication is clear: all men are evil and abusers if only by proxy. Not to mention this is quite the marginalizing of male victims of sexual abuse. It reminds me of the way I saw a lot of posts this last year with you say “I’m not” that’s exactly what a Nazi WOULD say. Being male is the new witch hunt, and it’s not only reflected in these ridiculous tweets, but in their work. If you’re a man reading Marvel Comics, you’ve been told: you are not desired as one of their readers.

This is why we have #ComicsGate and this is why we need Alt-Hero.

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38 thoughts on “Marvel Comics Editor: All Men Are “Part Of The Problem” #ComicsGate

  1. The implication is clear: all men are evil and abusers if only by proxy

    That is not implied at all. You read a lot of your own baggage into this stuff.

    All she’s saying is don’t mansplain.

    • That is most definitely implied by the “think how you can be better.” She is stating that men are need to be better?
      Sorry. I don’t need to be better.
      I’m waiting for all these “me too” people to actually do something instead of complain. NAME these people so that men and women can actually do something.

        • Seeing as how she and other Marvel writers are pre-emptively blocking people on Twitter – even those who have never Tweeted at them or interacted with them before in any way – you’ll forgive me if I dismiss everything they say out of hand.

          If you cannot debate fairly, allowing those with opposing views to respond, then you have nothing to say worth hearing.

      • Only that’s NOT what she’s saying. Look, the appropriate response to a woman who reveals her past sexual assault isn’t to say, “But not all men are bad! Look at me! I’m a good guy.” That makes it all about you. That’s what she’s saying. If you don’t understand that nuance, you’re either stupid or an asshole.

        For the record, the fucking right response is, “I believe you.”

        • “For the record, the fucking right response is, “I believe you.”

          Actually, that sounds like the response a dude gives when he’s the kind of basement dwelling, zero charisma ‘man’ who thinks that a woman sharing such a thing is going to “really-go-for-him-and-let-her-sleep-with-him-because she-thinks-he’s-a-super understanding-guy…”

          How about verify? What about evidence? What about Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

          Remember the Duke Lacrosse Team?

          False allegations.

          What about UVA and Sabrina Erdely’s Rolling Stone story?

          False allegations.

          How about Tawana Brawley?

          False allegations.

          If there is evidence (real evidence) to support such claims, then by all means, Believe Them.

          And punish the perpetrator to the fullest extent of the law.

          In all these years, I have yet to have someone explain to me why women who claim to be sexually assaulted should be believed wholeheartedly, no questions asked.

          We don’t treat any other crime like that: only Sexual Abuse. Which when you think of it, is really F*&^ed up because of the damage that false allegations do to the unfortunate individual named.

          Burglary Allegations turn out to be False? Its alright, you’ll get over it.

          Assault and Battery Allegations turn out False? It’ll be OK.

          Sexual Assault/Abuse turn out to be made up?

          That S#!T is gonna stick to you a long F@%kin time my friend. So better buy a new home in a new state and find a new line of work.

          So, TL/DR:

          Take your weak sauce, limp-wristed, knee-jerk recipe for an Inquisitorial Evil rapist Manhunt, turn it sideways and shove it up the old poop hole.

          • Ha! Your obsession with my poop hole really says a lot about your repressed sexuality.

  2. This is an elegant example of womansplaining, if we’re going by identitarian parlance. I can almost see her finger wagging at those naughty creatures (that happen to make up nearly half of the population) for daring to think, let alone express something outside the lines.

    Obviously a good time out will show all those men the error of their ways, because who doesn’t like being pointed, shrieked at, and moralized at by someone who has absolutely no authority whatsoever? Freedom to speak absolutely does not confer the right to be heard, taken seriously, or obeyed. I am certain this frustrates a good many people.

    • Freedom to speak absolutely does not confer the right to be heard, taken seriously, or obeyed. I am certain this frustrates a good many people.

      I believe that is exactly what Heather is saying, and I’m sure it’s frustrating to some.

      • I love how Jon thinks he’s an expert on men, especially given that completely ridiculous (and sexist) pin-up of Rebel from those neo-nazi comics he’s working on. That’s not a woman. That’s an offensive caricature—basically a drag queen. That crap appeals to hormonal 13-year-old boys. Not real men.

          • But, Ryan, don’t you think entitled men inserting themselves into the conversation will help solve these harassment issues?!!

            “Oh, you were sexually assaulted? Well, not by me! I’m one of the good guys!”

            Great! Problem solved!

          • “Some times you don’t. Not everyone has a place in every conversation. Adults know this.”

            And yet here you are butting into every conversation here. Thanks for confirming you’re just a spoiled child who needs to be grounded from the Internet until he grows up.

          • Oscar, Jon’s free to ban me, or even just ask me not to post here. Note that doing so would not be a form of “deplatforming”.

          • I like that you love me enough to come to my site multiple times per day. I wish you’d go pick up Gravity Of the Game in support tho since I occupy so much of your thought time with the content i provide you free of charge tho! 🙂

        • Not quite true, but you do run the risk of being ignored if what you are telling people to do is ridiculous. For example, when Jon forcefully “demands” apologies for perceived injustices but then is met with the sound of crickets.

  3. I’m sorry. I thought that women wanted the men to be “better.” Well, what is “better” than NOT being a scumbag. What is better than wanting to penalize the men that ARE scumbags?
    Meanwhile, all men are being blamed for being…well…men.
    Would it be equally okay if the men pointed at the women ignoring or enabling the abuse to say….”well, look! Women either like to be abused or want other women to be abused.?”
    Stop womansplaining. Instead, name the perps. Otherwise, you are showing that you don’t care if it continues. You value wealth over justice.

    As for the Alt-Hero heroine being the product for 13 year old boys, have you not noticed the products of Marvel?

    • It depends on the type of woman. There are those of us who appreciate men who are men and women who are women and aren’t threatened by the fact that men and women are different.

      The recent goings on in Hollywood have definitely put a lie to all those strong empowered women. Not talking about the children who were abused, but the women who chose to, no matter how reluctantly, use their bodies to further their careers. In doing so, they helped keep in place insidious practices that did actually victimize others who had no choice in the matter.

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