Everyone’s Aware Of The SJW Problems, Now Do Something About It

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Robert Tracinski wrote a nice article this morning on what it would look like to have a Culture War win. Visionary writing like this is necessary because we have to be able to envision the goal’s results if we’re going to figure out how to get there. However, I also think it’s premature.

It’s only in the last year or two that people have woken up and realize we need to do something, anything, when it comes to culture. And there’s not that many of us. We are making amazing traction considering most of us are just out here creating our visions in comics, books, films, education, and music with little to no backing, literally just men who know we’re doing good work, much of the time God’s work, and won’t let the overwhelming aspects of the cultural establishment’s grip on our throats hold us down.

But despite our successes in our opening battles of our rebellion against the evil oligopoly empires that control almost all of the culture out there, we’re still on the relatively obscure side. Most people who have tuned out of reading or viewing still haven’t found an alternative. They’ve become so used to not even bothering that our voices never come across their ears.

And part of it is because our media never mentions anything in regard to culture.  They never bother to promote the games, books or films by content creators on our side. As much as you see the mainstream media complain about the “liberal bias” or “political correctness” in media, they never lift a finger on the opposite end. In fact, media using those two terms are usually signs of a group that’s unwilling to do any of the legwork to get the counterculture movement we have sparking and turn it into a real fire. Those are signs of media who are steeped in “respectable” news and commentary, in which they still don’t value independent platforms. They still give Disney or HBO higher value as gatekeeping institutions than the alternatives that are popping up all over.

The complaints have been in the news for decades. Fox News will jump all over any Marvel controversy. Breitbart loves to mention when old properties get ruined like Ghostbusters in 2016. But when BYUtv released Extinct, a family friendly science fiction program with good values, did either of them say a word?

You never see it. Not once. And this is why you never see a counterculture production get much traction. It’s not like the Washington Post is going to help out. So why won’t our friendly media?

The only outlets that ever are willing to do anything about the problem in earnest are the independent ones like Men Of The West. Of course, this is why they’re gaining and why the traditional media, even friendly ones who are supposed to be on our side, are losing.

If you’re just promoting the mainstream SJW brands through complaint after complaint, you’re part of the problem. We have awareness. Everyone knows the SJWs control the news media, the publishing industry, Hollywood, and even the NFL. Nothing is safe from their touch, influence, or destruction of the values of Western Civilization. The conservative media that keeps beating this drum over and over is about as useless as the NFL players kneeling. Do you think anyone in America isn’t aware of their kneeling? But there’s no solutions posed.

We have solutions. Yes there’s startups. Yes they’re newer on the scene and don’t have the budgets or backings like the establishment funded projects do, but this is why they need your support more than ever. If you really want to change culture, as a person, as the media, we’re going to have to do this in a grassroots fashion and that means supporting things that are out there.

Are you picking up Chuck Dixon’s Bane Conquest comic? If not, why not? If you’re complaining about comics’ spewed garbage and you’re not grabbing the book by a guy who’s all about fun action, you’re not helping.

What about Alt-Hero? Have you backed that? Talk about the forefront of the culture war. It’s even now got an RPG as a separate reward – of which I’ll be penning the first adventure module in addition to my two novels I’ve committed to writing.

And Extinct, as I mentioned before. It’s not hard to watch. It’s streaming free. Watch it. Tell your friends.

It’s not that hard to do, but we all need to start making this push. If you have contacts in the media, let them know about these things going on and tell them you want to hear more about it. Email them in their general mailboxes with tips. It’s all fine and good to be talking about winning the culture war, but we need to start fighting in earnest first.

Alt-Hero is where it’s at. Only 5 days to go on the campaign. Two books co-written by me with Vox Day. Chuck Dixon penned comics. An RPG system and adventure. A lot to back, and a lot of action already at 1,400+ backers and $140,000 raised already. You wnt to be a real cultural Rebel? Check it out: https://freestartr.com/project/althero/


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10 thoughts on “Everyone’s Aware Of The SJW Problems, Now Do Something About It

  1. I’ve been saying this for years. Conservatives with the big bank accounts waste their money on dumb political ads instead of investing it in the culture. Why isn’t there an alternative to Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu with quality family-friendly (because 99.99% of the competition isn’t) original programming? Why isn’t there an alternative to Hollywood that can provide safety, honesty, and real freedom to create in a business far more ethical than its competition? The evangelical Christian crowd is trying but it’s hit or miss with their products.

    Andrew Breitbart was right; politics are downstream from culture. It took a pop culture figure for the Republicans to win the White House after all!

    • Andrew was one of the very few who got it at all. It’s really sad that the site with his name on it doesn’t follow what he taught.

  2. Mainline conservatives are the fat guy from Confederacy of Dunces. (Ignatius P. Reilly?) They tune in to bad culture solely to get a case of the vapors and reassure themselves that thhbey are better than those people.

  3. I’ve had similar issues in the libertarian community. Many of liberty’s most vocal proponents have no interest in sci-fi. I learned this to my chagrin when I published my first novel, “Centrifugal Force,” and expected to get interest from places like lewrockwell.com, and got none. A few folks get it, such as my fellow Phoenix activist Ernest Hancock, who’s had me on his internet radio show a couple of times. He also helped promote the animated move “Silver Circle,” which unfortunately wasn’t all that good. I’m much more hopeful about the Alt Right, because they’re actually interested in popular culture, and have lots of creative people in their number. I am definitely supporting Alt Hero.

  4. The problem is everyone on the right and left are vulgar Gramscians. I find Bradford Walker’s advice of fork and replace to be excellent. It help us stop following Gramsci’s dubious prescriptions.

    I’m a tad surprised that uber rich conservatives or those on the right aren’t buying Hollywood studios or bankrolling real independent productions.They really gotta get their hands dirty and bankroll the cultural industries
    The Wienstein scandal has provided a once in a life time opportunity to shape culture with our preferred values.

  5. It’s not so much the creative sorts that are the problem. There are plenty with the skills and interest. The problem is the money. As in, a critical mass of customers that make creating non-leftist work a viable business so that hard-nosed businesscritters are willing to take the leap. With many conservatives content to just sign off on the culture wars and cede the ground to leftists, there’s no money in that war for investors to get on board.

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