World Series Predictions And Other Baseball Matters

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Earlier this morning I received a call from the Oakland A’s front office, folk a little higher up in the org than your standard fare. They called and said they were happy to hear me out and they were hoping that I might reconsider my season tickets for next year. I told them I had to hold firm until their players #StandForTheAnthem. I learned over the course of the call that the management knows they’re in a bit of a bind on this, and that they’re hoping it works itself out. I take this to mean that the MLB will take action and make rules in the off-season. Either way, we’re winning. What’s happening to the NFL is scaring these organizations in other leagues, and soon we’ll get politics off the field. Keep pushing and hold strong, and moreover keep calling and emailing the teams! They hear their customers, they’re not like congress.

But I also made a video talking about the world series game 1 tonight, and what I think’ll happen over this game and the course of the series. It’s now on youtube here:

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I’m also checking out, a new social media site that’s a facebook killer for free speech. We’ll see how it goes. My profile’s here if you want to connect:

As you can see, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to baseball. Which means my future prediction of the game can only be that good. Check out my hit novella, Gravity Of The Game, here:  

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