Eating Our Own

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Over the last three days I’ve gotten no less than 40 messages from random people warning me about Candace Owens, AKA Red Pill Black. I was told she’s a fraud, a phony, a doxxing social justice warrior in disguise. This all came from internet rumors.

Of course, I spent quality time with Candace this last weekend. Not just watching a few youtube videos or reading a few articles, or seeing a few social media posts, but several hours chatting with her in person. You learn a lot more about a person and who they are that way than anything you can read on the internet, so forgive me if I ignore those warnings outright.

Frankly, I would likely ignore  them outright anyway.

I’ve faced similar warnings from more “moderate” friends about Bre Fauchex, someone I’ve also talked with at good length (though not in person). I get told how extreme and terrible she is. Again, by people who really haven’t spoken with her at all from what I can tell.

In publishing, I had the same warnings about Declan Finn, a horror author who is a very passionate soul and a very loyal and dedicated person as well. I was told many times don’t associate with him! It’ll hurt your career!

What it comes down to is the same old tune, just a different color.

It’s eating our own. We tend to do this. Our side is comprised of individualistic people who have their own ideas for right in the world, and we’re very passionate bout truth and justice. What stands to happen is when someone reaches a certain level of fame — we scrutinize them and look for reasons to bring them down. We’re also used to doing this because our entire cause is watching famous SJWs be terrible people and pointing out “how can you idolize them?”

Of course the answer is to idolize no man, but that doesn’t mean we should tear down the budding platforms of people we’re mostly aligned with either. In fact, we need to learn to stop doing that entirely.

I’m really not interested in a “word on the street about your friend is…” game. I’ve heard it a thousand times about a thousand people. I’ve seen a lot of people in sci-fi publishing do it to ME both on the left and right. And I don’t play that game. When someone takes the time to be my friend and actively support me, I’m going to actively support them. My loyalty runs deep at that point. Especially when I’ve spent considerable time with someone.

I’m not going to even remotely consider messages, internet articles or the like.

In this particular instance, I can trace all of these concerns back to a single article run on Candace recently. Salon dot com is your source for these rumors. Think about that one for a second. Moreover, these rumors circulated around the internet just as Canadace was going on InfoWars. Timing wise, that is so suspect and scary, and an obvious tactic to get us in-fighting from the SJW elites that we really should be redoubling our efforts to DEFEND each other.

Look, we’re at war. It’s scary out there. We have real objectives and real terrible people to take down from their positions of power while we create our own platforms to replace them. I’m not perfect, nor is anyone else in this game. If you don’t like someone on our side for whatever reason, best course is just not to talk about them. You don’t have to promote them, no one said to do that. But let’s not get caught up in the finger pointing, gossip and innuendo that marks the SJW way of doing things. I’m not interested in purity tests. I’m not interested in looking into how “bad” my friends really are. I want my friends to win, and I want you to win.

The only way we’re going to do that is to lift each other up.

Speaking of lifting up. I’ve got a great book about a girl who inherits an airship. It’s got a ton of reviews and is perhaps the most exciting new steampunk series of 2017. Check out For Steam And Country here.  

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