Ringer Writer Ben Lindbergh Is An SJW Who Hates Conservatives

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Yesterday, I posted all of the crazy hate that I was receiving in ben’s Effectively Wild baseball group, where i posted my very well-received piece in the Federalist on how baseball fans should stand for the anthem. I wish I could say it stopped there. I expected I’d get a little shade from the group, but I thought it’d be more about the fact that I used a batting average to talk about Bruce Maxwell rather than a better metric like OPS or wOBA.  Instead, it turns out Ben Lindbergh has cultivated a crazed SJW hate mob, who flips and slanders anyone with an opinion a large majority of Americans share.

Ben had an opportunity to be a non-divisive figure like none other. This was my first professional article in sports journalism, but instead of a “I don’t agree but congratulations”, he warned me — a Hispanic who had been called “nazi” and “white supremacist” at least 200 times in the thread without personal attacking back — calling my article hateful and saying he’d delete any “more” that I posted. Shocking.

It became worse yesterday, when Ben’s fans saw I was not replying on the group anymore, so they came to my personal facebook page, where my family and friends were watching and started calling me these horrific things. One of Ben’s fans even said he wished I would die. On top of this, they attempted to hurt my writing business by leaving a fake Amazon review  on my completely a-political novel, For Steam And Country, also slandering me as a white supremacist (Amazon, unlike Ben, still has some objectivity and removed the awful fake review).

I tried to bring this to Ben’s attention — along with the fact that he shares a podcast with another Ringer writer who publicly implies the President is having incestual sex with his daughter. Sick and hateful by itself. He has completely ignored any calls for civility and by his silence after condemning me, ironically during his hateful fans’ actions, gives his tacit approval of their actions. It seems there’s a double standard for Ben. It’s okay by him to target “those people.” But it’s not okay to write an article saying it would be bad for the MLB to stand for the anthem (which left or right, it’s obvious they would certainly lose fans and sponsorships as the NFL is doing now).

It’s a shame as my reach is growing, the Federalist has a very large mainstream reach, but the signal is clear: the Ringer and its employees don’t want anyone in the center or right who love this country to listen to or read them. This falls under another example of someone I used to respect bigly deciding it’s better to hate me personally than have my support. Sad! Hate is an ugly thing, Ben. Stand up to it.

In my science fiction future, baseball is in a sad state, but Commissioner Hideki Ichiro wants to change that. How? By bringing baseball to the moon. Read what’s been called a “heart warming” story here.  

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6 thoughts on “Ringer Writer Ben Lindbergh Is An SJW Who Hates Conservatives

  1. Given how the comments on your Federalist article descended into typical alt-right racist filth, it would seem Ben is justified in distancing himself from you and some of your readers

  2. The question people should be asking is this: would the media and progressives (that’s redundant, I know) be defending the anthem protests if the protesters were white, and they were kneeling for a conservative cause, for example, getting the US out of the United Nations? I expect they’d be wrapping themselves in the flag, denouncing the kneelers as traitors, etc. SJW’s pretend to be patriots when it’s convenient, as when they denounce Confederate monuments. Yet in other contexts the US flag is “racist.”

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