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Another bigly popular week at the blog and I really appreciate everyone who comes and takes the time to read. Hopefully it’s been fun and informative.

I’m hard at work on Baron Von Monocle 2 for National Novel Writing Month — about 6,800 words in as I write this. If you haven’t checked out the first book, this is going to be my flagship series for the foreseeable future so you’ll want to:

If you have, thank you doubly! This book won’t be ready right away, but my next will be a space opera, The Stars Entwined, which will be a very unique take on warfare spy games you’ll love. In the meantime, Gravity Of The Game is still getting great buzz. It’s quite heartwarming and many have told me they think it’s worthy of a Hugo award:

On Wednesday, the anthology MAGA 2020 comes out, featuring positive pop culture stories about the future of America. I’ve got a very fun story in there, and Milo Yiannopoulos penned a brilliant intro. You won’t want to miss it.

If you’re all caught up and just want to support, subscribe to my youtube channel where I upload all of my daily periscopes (assuming technology cooperates) and do some interviews from time to time:  costs nothing but just building that platform so could use some looks!

And I’ve got a mailing list. I haven’t used it yet, but eventually I’ll give out freebies and do some announcements:

A busy month to be sure but working harder than the rest of the industry and coming out with great product is what we’re all about. This ride’s just getting started and I’m in no way tired of winning yet.


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