MAGA 2020 Makes PJ Media!

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Ace Reporter Megan Fox is the ONLY conservative media commentator to cover the anthology, some of the only pop culture out there going counter-culture to the anti-trump mainstream. She’s brave for covering it, we’re brave for making it. Makes a great combo.

For years we conservatives have complained impotently about the derailing culture and lack of entertainment choices, and yet, which one of us stepped up to fill the void? We watched literature join the dumpster fire that is modern culture and cried tears of helplessness. But no more. 

Pretty much my whole goal in making books and producing content. There’s lots of complaining, very little action. And I’ve certainly gotten some big POO POO from the people who won’t take action when attacked by a writer from the National Review yesterday. Glad someone in the media is picking up on the work and being bold about it. Read her full article here.  

And if you’d like to check out the very hot MAGA 2020 anthology, you should. I signed a few copies this weekend for some fans.

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