A Great Review From An Unlikely Source

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A File 770 faithful actually left this on another blog about my short story, “Winning Is What We Do”

“Then you get the whole of a JdA story. It’s actually quite funny, some of it intentionally so. Basically Trump and slightly-older son Barron are viewing their latest super-weapon, an all-US-made suit of power armour when word comes through that the Wall (sigh) has been breached, and of course the only way to save the day is for Barron to get in the suit and go fight illegal alien zombies who turn out to be proper alien aliens controlled by a super sized Kim Jong Un. At the risk of saying non-negative things about JdA it’s actually not terrible, just silly trope deployment with tongue fixed firmly in cheek. Actually now that I think about it, it’s pretty much a Timothy story!”
The folk from that site are usually so vitriolic in personal attacks that it’s refreshing to see someone who actually is willing to try a story and read it at the very least. Note he has to say he is taking a risk by saying something non-negative about me, and honestly he is being brave in doing so. That’s how bad the social pressure is to simply attack, but he was honest, and he read it. And I appreciate it a lot!  I don’t know what a Timothy story is, but it’s clear that my writing was fun, just as I intend with all my stories. If someone whose first instinct is to be completely hostile to my work, I think it says a lot to get a positive review.
I think if he enjoyed this, he’ll like For Steam And Country even more. Everyone has enjoyed it so far according to Amazon.
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