Cool Cosplay!

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This Halloween I was quite happy to learn I had the first cosplay (to my knowledge) based on my book. A reader sent me this picture of a dapper young gentleman:

Dressed as the astounding and magnificent Baron Theodore Von Monocle. I’d say he did an excellent job, a nigh perfect job of recreating the Baron’s look. Now it’s got me thinking about doing a Young Baron prequel series… hmm…

But that’ll have to come later.

‘For now, I’m hard at work on Zaira’s second adventure, Von Monocle 2. I’m about a third of the way drafting the book at 32,000 words right now for #NaNoWriMo, and it’s coming along quite well. I anticipate finishing the draft in December and having it for release sometime next year.

For now, you can check out book one here and maybe get inspired for your own cosplay. I’d love to see some folk try out the Wyranth soldier uniforms.

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