Never Listen to Pop Science

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Gizmodo shows there’s been unintended health consequences of light pollution due to the implementation of LED lights.

Indeed, as the new results show, the amount of outdoor lighting around the world has increased during the past several years. “As a result, the world has experienced widespread ‘loss of the night,’ with half of Europe and a quarter of North America experiencing substantially modified light-dark cycles,” write the researchers in the new study, which was published today in Scientific Advances.

And there’s likely a big correlation to people’s sleep habits becoming dangerous, if the way cell phone use has interrupted sleep cycles is any indication. And what does it do to the wildlife?

It’s far too soon to see how this could be a huge problem for the world, but it’s all because of “do good” intentions of the green lobbies. And this doesn’t even get into how toxic LEDs themselves are for the environment once they burn out and are thrown away, another crisis we’ll have 10-20 years from now.

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