What A Great Way To End 2017!

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I’m actually sick in bed. Which means I’m spending the day reading manga, sci-fi books, watching anime, and of course a little bit of shitposting, but I didn’t bring you to the blog today dear readers to complain.

I’m elated.

2017 has been such a great year for me, probably the best of my life. I’ve kicked off my dream of becoming a professional author and finally made it. And I made it under the Science Fiction Writers of America’s qualifications of professional authordom too! I’m sure they’re hard at work being totally fair on my application.

But the reason I’m so elated is the success of For Steam And Country. It took to the end of  the year, but this epic YA Steampunk Fantasy has finally surpassed my debut, multi-award nominated novel with its 81st and 82nd positive reviews on Amazon. It keeps selling and more people keep loving it!

I’ll be honest. When I first started getting For Steam And Country  ready for publication, I was extremely nervous. I had conversations with my first publisher who wasn’t certain whether the success of my first book was due to it being tied into a very popular game property, or if it was due to my writing. It was a really valid concern, and something that had me on edge about this second release.

Worse for the fear in my mind, I’d taken a couple of big risks: 1. My readership is vastly comprised of Military SF readers, and Steampunk both is a semi-dead genre with a limited market appeal, and most Military SF readers don’t actually like the genre.  2. I wrote it from a perspective of a first person 16 year old girl, which was difficult artistically AND made tougher as a sell because most of my audience are men.

It turns out I didn’t need to fear it at all. Though there are certainly a couple of folk who didn’t like the YA Steampunk or perspective elements and told me they avoided it as such (which I don’t fault you for, and you’ll enjoy my next book, The Stars Entwined MUCH more as it’s geared more toward you), the vast majority of my readers read it — and loved it more than my first.

And then more readers kept coming.

I’m truly humbled, having been so nervous about this book. And I thank you so much for giving it a shot. I love For Steam And Country  – and the sequel, The Blood Of Giants won’t leave you disappointed next year. I’ve dialed up the action and adventure in it to 11.

But for now, I’m enjoying the fact in these last days of 2017, that my own property and world was able to surpass that of something very popular already. It means a lot to me, and it fuels me to keep writing super fun adventures for you all now and in the future!

2018 is going to a be a great ride. I’ve got my Patreon, in which I’m cranking out new short stories every month (some of which will tie into my novels, so look out!)  along with other cool content like draft chapters, deleted scenes, etc. I have a few comics I wrote that are  in production with artists, and I’ll be releasing a full SIX novels next year to keep you guys going. We’re just at the beginning of all the winning in science fiction!

Don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list too. As I’ll be doing giveaways, sending out free stories and the like in promotion of my next books.

I’ll leave you with my Twitter new years message:



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John C Wright’s Count To Infinity

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I am a bit sick here but I wanted to make sure to give an adequate plug to Grand Master Of Science Fiction John C. Wright and his conclusion to his epic… i want to call it space opera but it’s so different than anything out there it’s hard to compare.

This is the final book in the series and it is epic. So do check it out:

And, if you haven’t seen the series yet at all, it starts with Count To A Trillion. I definitely recommend starting here:


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The Super Hype Jon Del Arroz Book Of The Year

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I read a lot of great books this year. It makes it exceedingly hard for me to choose one or even do a top five like I am prone to doing. Of course, then it’d be just as easy to name one of my own books as book of the year, I mean I am rather partial to those…

But over the course of all of my reading, one book really stood out to me. Even though it’s been about 6 months since I read it, the book is fresh in my mind. The characterizations were so visceral, the worldbuilding so tight. It opened in a very unique battle sequence which was very intense, where unlike most fantasy/mil-sf I read, I felt the characters were in  overwhelming danger and not going to get out of it. The book took such a brave 180 as it got further into it, transitioning to another kind of battle — the battle for the main character’s heart.

Just the pure breadth and depth of this story meant it had so much to offer. The author has such a depth of connecting with character that it makes it hard to put it down once I started reading, all of which is positive.

And so… I decree the book of the year 2017 to be Wandfasted by Laurie Forest. It’s billed as a novella, but it’s really about the length of a short novel.

It’s a prequel to The Black Witch, and actually I believe was released more as a promotional tool for that book. It really stands on its own and I feel is superior to the main book it’s meant to support. Where I felt TBW bogged down with some pacing issues in the middle, this book was about perfect on that level. I keep saying Laurie is someone to pay attention to as THE NEXT BIG NAME IN FANTASY. If she keeps up work like this, she may be hailed as one of the greats sooner rather than later.

Wandfasted is available only via ebook, though I think her publisher should look into doing a limited edition hardbound run. Check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/Wandfasted-Black-Chronicles-Laurie-Forest-ebook/dp/B01N00Y9X9

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Prepping For Worldcon!

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Alright. I’m so excited that my little group is growing by the day! Worldcon again put out info on nominating for the hugo awards. I know a couple of groups kind of have bowed out of this thing in a “we proved our point” sorta way, but real cultural change doesn’t happen overnight — or even in a couple of years. It happens over a generation or more.

Certain people have used lockstep control for that long of a time to usurp these great institutions, but we only can make science fiction fun again if we’re here, year after year, and just being the awesome, positive, high energy people that we are. Sign up for Worldcon!

  1. You’ll want to nominate like usual.
  2. It’ll be a blast with some great friends who are going.

It’s an expensive commitment, I know, and to mitigate that, you only need a SUPPORTING membership to nominate for the hugos, but you have to have that bought by Dec 31, 2017, or they’re locking you out. The conventions are doing this so that less fans and people who are interested in participating in the sci-fi awards can take time to think about it and do so, ensuring only the “TRUFANS” are the ones who are voting. It’s a pretty mean trick, but we’re prepared for it.  Naturally, as ever, we are far more inclusive than those who spout off about inclusivity.

They let you pay in installments, so you can get your supporting membership now (by paying $50) and then upgrade your membership later if you want to attend. This is the wisest course — in case they pre-emptively ban me or whatnot from the convention as people are trying to get done. That way we still can vote and nominate even if the crazies try to spoil our fun.  https://www.worldcon76.org/membership/how-to-register

The other thing is, if you are euro and can’t make it this year, but can make Dublin 2019, if you are a member of THAT con by December 31st, you are allowed to nominate in  this year’s hugos as well. If you’re even thinking about going to Dublin, grab a supporting membership there so you can nominate twice! https://api.dublin2019.com/

Lots of reasons to do this, but even if you’re on the fence, you can get these supporting memberships and figure out the rest later. It’s super important that you do this now though!

Anyway, I’m hard at work on novels and making science fiction fun again! I’ll see you guys soon. In the meantime, please read and review For Steam And Country! 


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What Are You Outraged About Today, My Dear SJW Friends?

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A lot of what I do is point out that so much of these little cliques of Science Fiction writers focus their entire lives on (they certainly don’t focus on selling books) is how they make FAKE OUTRAGE stories out of something that shouldn’t be a story at all. The last week exemplified this as, incredibly, the community of internet science fiction writers collectively lost their minds when:

  1.  A professional Science Fiction writer with the qualifications joined SFWA.  This is a writer’s guild. I am a professional writer. It’s that simple. Not liking me doesn’t have anything to do with it. The entire point of  the club in theory is to protect writers like me from suffering undue hate or illegal discrimination from the industry. Yet that didn’t stop File 770’s nasty hate brigade from going off the rails over my joining. A lot of the anger must have been because it very uncomfortable about themselves, as it really points to a LOT of ugly truths about them with some of the nasty things they said.
  2. A professional Science Fiction writer is attending a Science Fiction convention.  Like with Diversity & Comics earlier this year, I  was immediately targeted by low-level professionals to try to preemptively get me kicked out of the con for my mere presence. This is exactly why I have  to wear a body cam to go to the con to begin with, some of these folk will almost certainly try to frame me for a crime, and I will have evidence to the contrary. Worldcon needs to step it up and make sure I’m protected from these crazies so my friends and fans can have fun.

But look at the first sentences of these points before the commentary about the bizarre behavior of these people who I’ve never talked to in my life. They are proud to try to threaten and hate a Hispanic author out of being in a professional guild and attending a convention. It’s that absurd. Sad part is, if most of these folk just talked to me, they’d find I’m a very nice fellow who just likes to have fun. Instead, they make two very mundane, normal professional matters that should never even be on anyone’s radar, into the outrage of the day. Because everything is outrage.

Let’s see how outraged they get about my next thing that is completely normal: submitting a short story to an anthology. I fit all the qualifications for their submissions (especially being a “Writer from under-represented communities and groups” on multiple levels), and so does the story. I’m sure I’ll get some people saying ridiculous things like I “shouldn’t be  allowed to submit a story”, or writing a very good genre fiction story is somehow “harassment”. They’re predictable in the way they out themselves as complete crazies. Readers see this, and they keep flocking to me.

No one is outraged about For Steam And Country. Even the people who hate me with the very fiber of their beings say my writing is “average” or “adequate”. They can’t even bring themselves to lie and say it’s bad, which says a lot about how strong of a book it is. Meanwhile the vast legion of readers who don’t have political agendas all say it’s great. You’ll probably enjoy it  too. Check it out here. 

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Sorry, SFWA Is Not Your Private Group For Anti-Right Discrimination

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The last several days have been a bit of a madhouse. Science fiction hate gossip blog File 770 has dialed up the rhetoric against me in several different posts, because they’re panicked that I fairly qualify as an active professional membership for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Of America.

I have the sales. I have the credibility as an author. But they want me blackballed from publishing. Commenters on the site even made racist remarks against my Hispanic last name in order to prove how bigoted they are (Mike Glyer does the right thing in this instance and moderates those away. Why is this hate any lesser than the other disgusting stuff they say about me though, mike? It shows the hypocrisy at every turn)

Unfortunately for them, they don’t control as much as they think in their mentally-diseased minds.

SFWA is a 501c3 non-profit. They operate under strict rules as a charitable organization. This guild is more than your private club where you can talk smack against other authors like high school girls instead of field professionals, which means there’s no “decision making”  or anything like that. I qualify. I am a professional writer. That’s it.

I’m not sorry that I’m here or that my mere act of being a good writer bothers you so much  that you literally can’t even. Your actions as writers in the field are embarrassing for the field as you talk smack about me and try to get me blackballed. Get over it. I’m here to stay.

If you read my writing, you’d probably like it. Everyone who’s read For Steam And Country loves it so far. Why don’t you try it too? 

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Books For Success

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A lot of people ask me about my strategies, tactics, marketing and just general life advice these days. I don’t really read direct “marketing” or “social media strategy” books. Most of those have platitudes that don’t look at general larger scopes or battles. I tend to want to take a global perspective of things rather than pay attention to minutiae. If you have sound strategy that can apply to different situations, you’ll know to adjust your tactics accordingly. These books all offer that.

I read a lot of books but there’s several that really shape the foundation of what I do:

  1. The Holy Bible. You should be reading this every day. Get on it. It needs no explanation other than God literally came down to earth, was tortured and brutally murdered in order to act as a sacrifice to save your eternal soul. That kind of selflessness in the name of love is why we fight and what we want to preserve. Learn.
  2. Rules For Radicals by Sal Alinsky. This is your step by step tactics guide for successful guerrilla revolution. Doesn’t matter what field it’s in, it’s very good.
  3. SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day. This goes deep into what the enemy of the west is thinking, and how they act. He gives ways to guard against their actions and signs to look for.
  4. The Art Of The Deal – Donald J. Trump. He is the master of persuasion and making deals. Get into a business mindset by thinking like the top business leaders. You do that by seeing how they work and live.
  5. Influence by Robert Cialdini. This is one of the leading books of all time on the topic of persuasion. It will help you hone your marketing, social interactions, whatever you’re looking at accomplishing. It’s very important stuff.
  6. Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich. Mindset is life. I don’t just say this because it’s his tagline, but because it’s true. You gotta get yourself motivated and learn to talk to yourself successfully if you want to be a success.
  7. How To Fail At Everything And Still Win Big by Scott Adams. This is the life story of the Dilbert creator turned political commentator. He talks a lot about using systems for success rather than creating goals that create black and white win/loss situations. I use this a lot in the way I influence if you might notice. Very useful stuff.
  8. 4th Generation Warfare Handbook by William S. Lind. This ties into Rules For Radicals in some ways, but it talks about military strategy and tactics in a decentralized world where media and perception is everything. A lot of good applications for marketing.

That should be enough to get you started! But if you’re looking for fun fiction to just be an escape and give you the good times like fantasy books used to do, check out For Steam And Country. A lot of people are loving it!

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#MagicGate the new #GamerGate

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I have a new article over on Milo Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous.com where I also am pleased to announce I am now a contributor. Important stuff on cultural blackballing as the world gets even crazier:


Do share and raise awareness. These companies need to hear your voices!

If you’re over here from Dangerous, please check out my very popular Steampunk fantasy novel! I’m a multi-award nominated author first and foremost and you can read a great book free of the forced political content of the establishment elites here. 

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For Steam And Country Posters!

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I had a lot of requests for posters for For Steam And Country, since the book cover is so gorgeous. With the help of CryptoFashion, we’ve been able to make these a reality. The lighting is a bit bad but this is the production sample they just sent to me. So cool!

You can get yours here, along with the awesome Grand Rislandian Army t-shirt to show your support in the fight for Rislandia!

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