Monday Livestream: PJ Media’s Megan Fox On Fighting Big Tech and Fake News!

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Journalist Megan Fox has had a lot of trouble ever since here work’s been prominently featured on Drudge Report or by Rush Limbaugh. She’s been suspended on twitter multiple times, had her youtube content demonetized, all because she’s a journalist with “wrongthink”. Big Tech is becoming an even bigger big censor, and so we’re going to brainstorm what needs to be done and have some fun along the way.

For those who don’t know Megan’s work, she’s the journalist who helped me break #Comicsgate. Probably the most important voice in the media right now.

The livestream will be Monday at 8:30 PST. You won’t want to miss this.


Update: She was just locked out AGAIN today over a completely innocuous and truthful tweet: 

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One thought on “Monday Livestream: PJ Media’s Megan Fox On Fighting Big Tech and Fake News!

  1. Innocuous to us, yes. But she violated the 11th Commandment: thou shalt not criticize an officially sanctioned victim group, even if that criticism is true. As much as I agree with her statement, I won’t be saying so on Twitter, as I’m trying to stay (more or less) non-political there. But supposedly Big Twitter will soon (if not already) be looking at our entire online history. I’m looking forward to getting a “Your comment on Zerohedge violated our policy” message. Or maybe the offense will be “your visits to the known hate site vox popoli.”

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