Jon Del Arroz Patreon Launch!

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Hey everyone! Things have been moving and growing so fast in the writing world. It’s been incredible how 2017 has gone for me both in terms of science fiction and in journalism. There’s so much lined up for 2018 already that I anticipate we’re going to see about a 4-5x increase in output and readership over the course of next year.

So thank you so much for being the first, the people on the ground floor who checked out my very first books and believed in me as this goes on. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know, and it’s my goal to bring you as much awesome content as possible.

I’ve talked about comics a lot, and several of you know a bit about my past in producing the popular webcomic, Flying Sparks, before delving into gaming fiction and then my novels. Working on Alt-Hero has really got me itching to do more, and so my goal is, in addition to all the great books I’m going to come out with next year, to build up a reserve of funds for professional quality comic art. My dream is to eventually bring you a monthly comic book just like you’d get from Marvel or DC, but of stories I want to tell. Comic writing both allows me to get stories out faster as I come out with them, and to do so in a medium I love, so I’m very exciting.

I already have two books in development with indie authors who are helping with this process, but as they’re collaborators– not getting paid up front — it’s going to be a very slow process as they dedicate what time they can (I love them, they’re fantastic.) I have some design concepts from one of them here:

Very exciting stuff!

Together though, we can push this into a high-quality quick-production outfit that reshapes indie comics. I expect 2018 will be our ramp up year, as monthly we can build up what we need to get the production started on several comics in 2019, and in 2020, we’ll be able to achieve it just with monthly subscription rates. But I need your help.

As such, I’ve spent about a month developing the best additional content ideas I could possibly come up with for you. My rewards system offers a lot, including new short fiction which I’ll be writing for you (some of these might turn into serials!). This will quickly turn into comics + fiction, and Superversive Press has been INCREDIBLY kind in allowing me to use my books through them to help facilitate some additional rewards for you. At the upper tiers, you’ll even be getting early looks at my novels I’ll be releasing in 2018. And these books are going to blow away the ones I released this year, I guarantee it.

So check it out. I’ll be releasing the first short story in a couple of days: and would love to have you aboard!

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