Magic The Converging: SJWs Seize Personal Property For Pepe Memes

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Yesterday the internet was set ablaze when a prominent  youtuber — who actually  makes his living by promoting Magic The Gathering through covering their pre-releases, events and the like, was banned for life for insulting a cosplayer in twitter. Wizards actually combed  through his social media accounts to “prove” he was not  the type of person they want at  their events, which came down to not approving of his admitted Deplorable status and a bunch of pepe memes.

This is a disturbing precedent for a game conglomerate to be stalking an individual’s social media feed at the very least, but it  goes beyond that in the corporate overreach.  They actually stole  and destroyed  tens of thousands of dollars of his personal property  as well.

There is a version of the game, Magic Online, where people spend money like they would on actual cards – buy packs, buy singles, etc in order to play,  There’s a robust market for these online cards and  the seizure of his account because they don’t like his politics is the latest in an ever frightening big-corporate attempts to hurt the lives individuals who can do nothing about it.

The  youtuber and player is a  bit shell shocked, but he has a statement  here:

For now, the only reasonable thing you can do is spread  the word and no longer purchase or play Magic The  Gathering. Until these companies stop with their social justice jihads, they cannot get our money.

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12 thoughts on “Magic The Converging: SJWs Seize Personal Property For Pepe Memes

  1. But it’s okay when you stalk the social media feeds of Marvel writers and artists? You’re a giant hypocrite.

    Also, you neo-Nazis don’t seem to have any problem stealing someone else’s intellectual property.

    • I don’t stalk anything. I just see what comes up on my feed. Like I got time to do what you do and show up on someone’s blog any time I post anything remotely controversial and shit on me.

  2. Cool story, bra. You would have been a great agent for the East German Stasi, by the way.

    Below is from you, admittedly “going through all their Twitter feeds.” You would have been a great agent for the East German Stasi, by the way.

    “According to, there are 18 writers on the current releases. I went through each and every one of their twitter accounts to give you a summary of where they spend their time on social media in terms of politics. I don’t mind people getting political occasionally, or even necessarily holding left wing views, but when it’s constant beating the drum of anger and hate, that’s what makes an SJW, and that’s where one needs to stay away (and is a primary reason for Marvel’s steep sales decline in recent years). Here’s a brief summary of the writers’ twitter feeds, as I’ve gone through all of them for you:

    Mike Costa – Constant Anti-Trump posts.

    Jason Aaron – Anti-Trump, has #resist greenpeace retweet from inauguration. However, he doesn’t post politically very often, not pushing some anger crusade all the time.

    Brian Michael Bendis – Anti-Trump posts, but posts so much it’s not a large percentage of his tweets.

    Cullen Bunn – Rabid anti-Trump.

    Becky Cloonan – a couple of snarky anti-Trump posts pre-election, but no political posts since. From the feeds, appears to be the sanest of the Marvel staff.

    Gerry Duggan – Constant Anti-Trump posts, retweets Bernie (he can still win!).

    Al Ewing – British, and doesn’t seem to post a lot of American politics, but very heavily steeped in globalism in immigration “rights” in his posts. Anti-Western civilization.

    Roxanne Gay – Constant rants about feminism, anti-Trump posts.

    Zac Gorman – Complains about Republicans as “joke”, but only one recent post as such. Low percentage of political tweets.

    Derek Landy – Anti-Trump, not overwhelming in political posts. Mostly sticks to posts about writing.

    Kate Leth – Regular anti-Trump posts. Constant complaints about some boogeyman “privilege”, rambles at racist, sexist, etc., “white dudes”. Rants about queer issues.

    Stuart Moore – Regular posts anti-republican, anti-Trump.

    Greg Pak – Complains about “representation” of different races. Lots of anti-Trump posts.

    Dan Slott – Anti-trump rants all the time.

    Charles Soule – Constant anti-trump rants.

    Nick Spencer – Rants about trump/republicans and calls anyone who disagrees with him flat out evil.

    G.Willow Wilson – “Muslim” Ms. Marvel writer, rants anti-Trump posts all the time.

    Chip Zdarksy – Constant anti-Trump posts.

    UPDATE 3/22/17: Found another crop of Marvel writers: still batting 1000%. Looks like blackballing is real as the sample size becomes far less coincidental.”

  3. Also, Jon, the man you’re defending—Jeremy Hambly—is a known harasser who likes to make rape jokes. You sure do know how to pick ‘em!

    • If he were a known harasser he would not have lasted this long or as been as successful as he was online.

      Then again, by definition you are a known harasser of Jon Del Arroz….is this a case of “Do as I say, not as I do?”

      • Oh, please. Spare me the whataboutisms. I troll Jon on HIS blog. He could delete every single one of my posts or flag them for review prior to them ever being posted. I have NEVER said anything negative about him in an environment outside of his control—nor would I. Where’s the fun in that?

        Now, imagine if I was like Hambly, posting a video mocking Jon to thousands of followers, discussing his genitalia and encouraging my followers to dox him. Hambly got what he deserved for his behavior, not his political views.

        Oh, and known harassers aren’t successful? I guess Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly didn’t get your memo.

        • Ha ha, the funny thing is that most of the accused harassers are progressive icons. Conservatives like O’Reilly are amateurs in comparison. I just love seeing the left destroy itself! It seems that Milo was right about feminism.

          • Oh, please. How many hundreds (thousands?) of conservative priests have molested children in the past decade alone? I’d post a list of all the republicans arrested of sex crimes—including Ralph Shortly, who plead guilty to child sex trafficking last month—but why bother? The list is way too long, and you idiots would find a way to blame it all on Obama.


    WOTC isn’t in the position to judge anyone, given the creepy things that have gone on there. This unctuous virtue signaling is idiotic, and counter-productive. How much business will they lose because of these confiscations? If their virtue was so important, then they would have paid the guy for his cards in the online game. They aren’t. So if I voted for another candidate in a city council election, they can ban me? No thanks. I can buy from another company. They were supposed to be selling cardboard crack, but snowflakes ruin everything. So now they’re a bunch of square buckled puritans judging other people for their opinions.

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