How To Lose A Guy In Any One Of 10 Questions

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Everyday Feminism published an article on 10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist should ask on a first date… immediately, you know that if any guy was asked any one of these questions, they should high-tail it out of there before they get falsely accused of a crime.

I’ll note all of the questions don’t actually have anything to do with the  feminism, whatever that is, at this point, but signalling generic SJW topics.

But I’ll also note the author starts it out: “as a queer femme…”  Interesting that these women are publishing and taking advice on dating men from someone who doesn’t even know about the topic.

I did a poll and my readers wanted me to answer these questions for them. The questions are painful enough to read on their own, so let’s go through these as a straight, normal alpha male who these feminists would never even have ask them on a date (which is why they’re so bitter):

  1. Do You Believe Black LIves Matter?  Is a terrorist group.
  2. What are your thoughts on gender and sexual orientation? I’m not gonna be a jerk to someone I see on the street, cuz you shouldn’t just treat people badly, but there are healthy ways of living and there are unhealthy ways of living. Society shouldn’t encourage the unhealthy.
  3. How do you work to dismantle sexism and misogyny in your life? By patrolling thots.
  4. What are your thoughts on sex work? It’s degenerate and destroys relationships. Our society needs to stop getting loose about this and purge it.
  5. Are you a supporter of the BDS movement? What’s interesting is these SJW types are very anti-Semitic while they accuse everyone else of being so.
  6. What is your understanding of settler colonialism and indigenous rights? America won. Get over it.
  7. Do you think capitalism is exploitative? If you are a Honduran flower farmer and you pick a flower and I pay you 50 cents to buy it. You are better off than if I hadn’t.
  8. Can Any Human Be Illegal?  They have to go back.
  9. Do you support Muslim Americans and non-Muslim people from Islamic countries? I support their forceable conversion to Christianity.
  10. Does your allyship include disabled folks? I don’t even understand what this means. Does that mean most feminists pick on disabled people? Cuz it seems to imply that.

And there we go. Let my couple of trolls who like to come and leave angry comments enjoy this thread today. lol

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13 thoughts on “How To Lose A Guy In Any One Of 10 Questions

  1. Okay, I’ll take a stab at these and see if my perspective as a woman helps make sense of them.
    1. I’ll do you one better and say that the ones in utero do as well.
    2. That it is positively the last thing I want anyone’s personal details on, thanks.
    3. By demonstrating brain use.
    4. Dangerous for all involved, in various physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ways. Also, see answer 2.
    5. Did you know that most people reduce “movements” to acronyms so that they can have a verbal shorthand to signal that they are in the “in group” without actually understanding the tenets of the “movement” they are referencing?
    6. I do prefer the ones that end up not practicing ritual human sacrifice or throwing undesirables off buildings.
    7. When it involves buying cheap goods from sweatshops in communist countries, sure. But without looping in communist practices, the market tends to correct the exploitative elements, as workers and consumers alike have mobility and choice.
    8. Can any human be unwanted enough to deserve to die before it ever draws breath, much less break laws?
    9. Honey, you’re going to have to define “support.” It had better not involve paying a religious tax for being non-Muslim.
    10. Why are you making up words? Do you seriously believe you’ve invented the concepts of kindness and fairness to human beings – whose worth is not predicated on their abilities but whose abilities may be limited – or are you talking about something else that needs a new word?

    Hm. No, I think the basic underlying philosophy and worldview behind these questions needs more work. Starting with “is human life valuable? Every human? Why?” and going on from there.

  2. I was good right up to the ” forceable conversion to Christianity” bit. As a young Jewish kid growing up in the ’60’s I had plenty of people try to force Christianity on me. I often got hurt over it. They got to feel the pain as well. These days, nobody has been stupid enough to try for many years. I’m not a fan of Islam. I have met Muslims I like. Otherwise? Who would want to deal with that woman? Most of those questions would be disqualifiers. Hell, support BDS? Only until the slipknot was in place. Then the long drop.

  3. I wonder how I’d stack up on a first date with this wonderfully open-minded feminist?

    1. BLM – is that a hip-hop group?
    2. Gender is something they taught us about in English class. Sexual orientation? I have eyeballs – I can SEE the pretty girls, I don’t need a compass to point them out.
    3. How do I dismantle sexism? By not hanging out with feminists or voting for man-hating politicians.
    4. When sex becomes work, it’s no longer fun. And some women are awfully hard to . . . never mind.
    5. Bowels Discharged Successfully? Bowel movements are unpleasant but necessary.
    6. I’m an indigenous USAer. My British ancestors have lived on this land for four hundred years and my redskin ancestors for thousands of years, so kiss it lady! (This one is a contradiction – she said that she hates dead white people for settling in North America but then believes that the whole planet belongs to everybody to settle where ever they want. Which is it? Also, the bulk of those hated white Brits came over in slave ships themselves, and I have documentation for one of my 17th-cent ancestors who was a white slave girl.)
    7. Until I can swing through the trees like Tarzan, kill a full-grown lioness with my bare hands, and snatch a hot 20-year-old blond off the jungle floor and carry her back to my lair, I guess I’ll stick with capitalism.
    8. Illegal humans? We got kicked out of the Garden of Eden, never to return, unless we can fight cherubims and the flaming sword.
    9. This is a trick question right? In 3 she opposes the rape culture, so is she for it or against it? I’ve read the Koran, and it says you can rape your slave girl – at least you can have sex with her, apparently without her consent. I guess the feminist lady supports rape culture after all.
    10. I guess my allyship includes disabled people, if it has a wheelchair ramp. How big is an allyship anyway? Bigger than a canoe, smaller than Harvey Weinstein’s pleasure barge?

    This woman is way too loony-tunes for me. She is nuts. A bundle of leftist-feminist contradictions. My questions for her would be something like how many Birkenstocks have been under your bed, baby, and what kind of psychotropes are you on? You know what, don’t answer those. See ya!

  4. ” I support their forceable conversion to Christianity.”

    Yeah, I’ve heard that’d the best way to get the most devoted followers – threaten them.

    Pretty sure Jesus would be ashamed of you for that statment. I know I am. I used to think that even though I disagreed with you that you walked the walk. This shows how wrong I was.

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