Introducing The Jon Del Arroz Collection

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I’m very pleased to announce my partnership with CryptoFashion to create some awesome swag to go along with my epic books. We’re working on producing a number of different designs, which will be trickling in through the first couple weeks of  the year. I’ll try to point them out as they go live.

The first item we have is a t-shirt with the Crest of Malaky, the symbol of the Grand Risladnian Army in my hit steampunk novel, For Steam And Country.

These turned out awesome, and I’m sure it’ll be a popular item especially as more books come out. On that front, I’m about two scenes from finishing the first draft of Von Monocle 2, which I should wrap up this week.

I’ve also had a number of requests for posters of the book cover, which CryptoFashion also is generously putting into production. I’m excited to see this cover art in a bigger form myself.

As I said, there’ll be more to come. I am actually working with someone right now to create a map of Rislandia — another item many readers have requested. Naturally these would make for a great poster-sized item as well as having for a book insert. I’m hoping it’ll be ready in the next couple months.

For now, enjoy these items!  This is a big step career wise. If you would have asked me a year ago if I thought I’d have a company licensing my work for merchandise, I would have laughed and said I wish! Well, wishes come true with hard work and great products. Thank you everyone for making the book successful enough to catch their eye. I’m still not tired of winning and can’t wait  to win even more in 2018.

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