Nebula Award Eligible Works

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I see lots of people are posting their eligible works. I’m pleased to have one for almost every category, though my recommendations for the slate are already available via the Happy Frogs, which includes all of the best stories of the year by me and many other talented authors.

Short Story:  

“Taking Control: – Storyhack #1

“Winning Is What We Do” – MAGA 2020  Anthology

“Crisis Counseling” – Paragons Anthology 

“Black Gold” – Astounding Frontiers #6


“Lost And Found” – A Fistful of Credits Anthology

Novella (which I believe is my best work of the year and many are already nominating for various awards:

“Gravity Of The Game” 

The Andre Norton Award for Outstanding Young Adult Science Fiction or Fantasy Book:

You know it, the most popular book one of the hottest new steampunk series of 2017, For Steam And Country!  Book 2 is written, though I’m letting it cool for about a month before I begin editing it. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze book 3 in during  the spring/summer.

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