Sorry, SFWA Is Not Your Private Group For Anti-Right Discrimination

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The last several days have been a bit of a madhouse. Science fiction hate gossip blog File 770 has dialed up the rhetoric against me in several different posts, because they’re panicked that I fairly qualify as an active professional membership for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Of America.

I have the sales. I have the credibility as an author. But they want me blackballed from publishing. Commenters on the site even made racist remarks against my Hispanic last name in order to prove how bigoted they are (Mike Glyer does the right thing in this instance and moderates those away. Why is this hate any lesser than the other disgusting stuff they say about me though, mike? It shows the hypocrisy at every turn)

Unfortunately for them, they don’t control as much as they think in their mentally-diseased minds.

SFWA is a 501c3 non-profit. They operate under strict rules as a charitable organization. This guild is more than your private club where you can talk smack against other authors like high school girls instead of field professionals, which means there’s no “decision making”  or anything like that. I qualify. I am a professional writer. That’s it.

I’m not sorry that I’m here or that my mere act of being a good writer bothers you so much  that you literally can’t even. Your actions as writers in the field are embarrassing for the field as you talk smack about me and try to get me blackballed. Get over it. I’m here to stay.

If you read my writing, you’d probably like it. Everyone who’s read For Steam And Country loves it so far. Why don’t you try it too? 

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3 thoughts on “Sorry, SFWA Is Not Your Private Group For Anti-Right Discrimination

  1. If you do run for office, make sure to remind them that under law, the vote is NOT private. You have a right to audit the votes and see who voted how, and if they destroy the votes before you can, that’s a felony.

    I’ve seen 501’s rig votes in the past and then refuse to show how the votes went because it’s a ‘secret ballot’, well, that may apply to American elections, it does NOT however apply to recognized non-profits. Those ballots are not secret.

  2. It is time for those of us who love science fiction and fantasy to get off our butts and take out the trash. SFF deserves better than what it is getting from the House of 770 Vile Aromas and the PAC formerly known as the SFWA.

    It is time for us to take back sci-fi/fantasy.

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