Prepping For Worldcon!

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Alright. I’m so excited that my little group is growing by the day! Worldcon again put out info on nominating for the hugo awards. I know a couple of groups kind of have bowed out of this thing in a “we proved our point” sorta way, but real cultural change doesn’t happen overnight — or even in a couple of years. It happens over a generation or more.

Certain people have used lockstep control for that long of a time to usurp these great institutions, but we only can make science fiction fun again if we’re here, year after year, and just being the awesome, positive, high energy people that we are. Sign up for Worldcon!

  1. You’ll want to nominate like usual.
  2. It’ll be a blast with some great friends who are going.

It’s an expensive commitment, I know, and to mitigate that, you only need a SUPPORTING membership to nominate for the hugos, but you have to have that bought by Dec 31, 2017, or they’re locking you out. The conventions are doing this so that less fans and people who are interested in participating in the sci-fi awards can take time to think about it and do so, ensuring only the “TRUFANS” are the ones who are voting. It’s a pretty mean trick, but we’re prepared for it.  Naturally, as ever, we are far more inclusive than those who spout off about inclusivity.

They let you pay in installments, so you can get your supporting membership now (by paying $50) and then upgrade your membership later if you want to attend. This is the wisest course — in case they pre-emptively ban me or whatnot from the convention as people are trying to get done. That way we still can vote and nominate even if the crazies try to spoil our fun.

The other thing is, if you are euro and can’t make it this year, but can make Dublin 2019, if you are a member of THAT con by December 31st, you are allowed to nominate in  this year’s hugos as well. If you’re even thinking about going to Dublin, grab a supporting membership there so you can nominate twice!

Lots of reasons to do this, but even if you’re on the fence, you can get these supporting memberships and figure out the rest later. It’s super important that you do this now though!

Anyway, I’m hard at work on novels and making science fiction fun again! I’ll see you guys soon. In the meantime, please read and review For Steam And Country! 


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