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A lot of successful authors use their platforms to promote other writers, and in 2018, I want to help with that as well. I’m going to launch guest posting this year, once a week, for authors to be able to talk about what inspires them in writing and culture, in hopes that some of my readership might enjoy what they have to say as well. If you’re interested send an email to jdaguestposts (at) gmail dot com with the following:

  • Name
  • Article Pitch (I’d like to keep it 500-1000 words. Keep it pithy, no spin zone!)
  • amazon link and book cover you’d like featured
  • Brief Bio (under 200 words)

And I’ll put you in the queue. Already got a couple lined up so let me know.

As far as content guidelines, just follow this blog to see what I’m into. I do posting about books, culture, gaming, comics, reviews, etc. Writing and marketing topics are great. I am interested in topics of discrimination in the face of the SJW establishment elites controlling culture, ranging from personal stories about experiences with gatekeepers, or observations (such as how the Netflix movie Bright is getting unfair treatment by critics). I do not want outright politics or policy talks, I’m simply not interested in that kind of thing. I’d also not really want a blog that’s “hey, buy my book, it’s by me, it’s great!”  Definitely will plug your work with the article, but give something the readers will want to read instead of advertisement.

And that’s it. Right now it’s manageable but if it gets out of hand I’ll update this with more guidelines to streamline. Thanks everyone and I hope this will provide some cool new content for the readers!

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