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It’s been a crazy couple of days with the extreme vitriol brought upon me by the elites at Worldcon. Most people, however, see that what’s been done is completely tragic and unprecedented and are rallying to my support. I literally have thousands of messages in support, far more than people who attend Worldcon in  the first place. They really must  apologize to me for the defamation based on political affiliation.

But a lot of people want to support, and I haven’t had time to write a blog since I’ve been on the road– and out to dinner with the great Nick Cole of Galaxy’s Edge fame.

My books list has a lot of stuff but the most important works I  have as of now are:

For Steam And  Country – A coming of age Steampunk fantasy adventure. It’s suitable for all ages with some mild violence (there’s a war going on after all) which is by far m y most popular book. My goal was to tell a fun adventure story like sci-fi fantasy used to have that you could be okay sharing with the whole family. I think I accomplished that.

Gravity Of The Game – This is a harder Sci-fi novella which I  wrote intentionally to have no sex, violence or swearing to show that good authors can tell stories without resorting to those sorts of things. It’s a bit different than you might expect,  and  most people find it’s heartwarming. Several people have been talking about this novella for a Hugo Award and Nebula Award nomination.

I have other works as well on amazon if you want to comb through but these are probably my most important works at this point  in my career. I’ll be releasing at least 6 novels this year, perhaps more. Working really hard!

Thank you everyone! Hopefully Worldcon will get over their current year politics and do the right thing so we can all enjoy science fiction together and make science fiction fun again!

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