Sci-Fi Author Speaks Out On How I Act At Conventions

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A review of my personality by Dorothy Grant, who posted on the Mad Genius Club article about me, author of the really fantastic book, Scaling The Rim. 

I’ve met Jon Del Arroz in the flesh, at LibertyCon. At the time, I was exhausted, in serious pain despite painkillers (they help with the knee, but not migraines), and being forced to be social when I was completely peopled out – and doing my best to be pleasant and polite because I was out in public, interacting with readers and fans of Peter and JL Curtis, and that’s what professionals do. Given I was not exactly in top shape, you’ll understand how impressive it was that I didn’t find him annoying, upsetting, or abrasive at all.

Jon was cheerful, enthusiastic, and just generally thrilled to be there, meeting authors and fans alike. He had the same “My people! I found my people!” attitude on Day…3? That most of us feel on anticipation of going, or in the first 4 hours of getting to our home con. While abrasive online, he’s very polite in person. (Not an unusual combination.)

I can say with absolute certainty, based on in-flesh and online interactions, that if WorldCon didn’t want a problem, all they had to do was be polite to Jon. He’d be polite first, and polite in return. However, that requires taking the high road and acting civilized. When you’re dealing with a bunch of people who pride themselves on social ranking by claiming more victim status points, and praise tantrum-throwing, greed, envy, and lust as virtues – that may not be possible.

That doesn’t mean the fault lies on Jon’s end. Much as it pains those who find him overly abrasive, he basically got banned for potentially being the adult in the room.

I’ve never been a threat to anyone, at any convention. I’ve only been exactly like this. I am known for smiling, laughing, buying drinks for everyone, and creating a great time. This goes for every convention I’ve attended.

Even t he people who run Baycon, who started this hate fest against me because of the way I voted last year, can tell you I was only incredibly fun and generous at their convention. I’ve attended tons:


Rustycon Seattle Washington

Orycon, Portland Oregon

Dragoncon Atlanta GA

Gencon Indianapolis IN

Convolution, San Francisco, CA

Fogcon, Walnut Creek, CA

San Diego Comic Con, San Diego, CA

And  even WORLDCON itself I’ve attended once.

Among dozens of other smaller comic cons. If there ever was a problem, how come no one noticed until now, after I’m a prominent political figure on the vocal side of Conservatism and Christianity in science fiction?

We know why. IT’s bigotry. And it’s not okay. This is a civil rights issue and we’re at the forefront of this happening all over since the election in 2016.

In the meantime, do keep supporting my book. The people and readers have spoken on this matter, bringing For Steam And Country  to #4 in Steampunk, the highest since it’s incredibly successful launch day. Everyone’s reading and loving it — there’s not even a negative review despite the amount of hate I get. Check it out and support the cause, because we have a lot more work to do!

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