Official Statement On Stan Lee Allegations

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Many readers have sent me messages about the very serious allegations made against Marvel creator, Stan Lee. As one of the creators involved in Atl-Hero, I would like to further clarify as Vox Day implied, that I have had no contact with the nurses caring for Mr. Lee, nor have I any hand in propagating this story. To my knowledge, neither has anyone else connected with the Alt-Hero project.

However, with a serious charge like harassment, we MUST believe the victims. As such, in my official capacity at Alt-Hero, I disavow Mr. Lee and the alleged behavior.

Unfortunately, such allegations tarnish the work of Mr. Lee and his legacy at Marvel Comics. We recommend supporting alternatives, such as Alt-Hero, created by men who treat women with the utmost respect and care they deserve. Alt-Hero features strong female leads like Rebel and Dynamique, who provide the diverse characters and stories that readers crave.

Thank you.

While you wait for Alt-Hero, read my very diverse For Steam And Country, which also features a strong female lead. 

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One thought on “Official Statement On Stan Lee Allegations

  1. I am of course very concerned … deeply concerned, as we all should be. Thanks for raising these concerns, Jon.

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