Comics Publishing Sinks To New Low In Blackballing

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Megan Fox breaks it down in a crazy new expose on what’s happening at the independent comic level. Marvel wouldn’t even HIRE someone who’s conservative in the first place, so this ends up the last place Wil Caligan can get a job.

Caligan, a conservative Christian, had little chance of survival in that environment. One hint of wrongthink could spell curtains for any artist, writer or producer in today’s comics climate. In Caligan’s case, he made the catastrophic mistake of voicing his opinion about a pop culture story about a straight man rebuffing a kiss from a transwoman.

A few weeks ago, rapper Ginuwine was caught in an uncomfortable situation where a transgendered male to female tried to kiss him. When he rebuffed the advances, the internet accused him of transphobia. The lesson here seems to be that if Harvey Weinstein tries to kiss a woman, that’s assault. But if a transgendered person tries to force someone to kiss him there is a requirement for the victim to prove a lack of transphobia by complying. Caligan posted his thoughts on this situation and then all hell broke loose.

It’s absolutely crazy that he can’t state what he thinks about a really dangerous sexual assault on his own facebook page without the PC police trying to destroy his livelihood. This is what anyone who speaks out faces  I talk about this article and more on my YouTube:

We have to start supporting people like Wil to allow artists to speak freely and create the art they want at the independent level. The time for buying products from people who hate us and blackball us is over.

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