Defending Our Veteran Artists – A Tremendous Success

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We all came together in the last 24 hours, united behind a man who served our country and professes Christian faith, who was blacklisted from small indie publishers for making a truthful comment on facebook.

Will Caligan’s Comic

And we have good news to report today, that the fundraiser for Will Caligan is at $26,800 as of this writing, and only going to continue to go up. It’s truly amazing what this community can do. Mark my words this is sending a big signal to the blacklisters and SJWs in the publishing industry. It’s rocking them to see how much purchasing power we collectively have.

And they haven’t seen it before. You have to remember, they’ve watched their sales dwindle slowly over time. They blamed outside factors – the economy, people not reading, etc. Never did they ever reflect and say “maybe the way we treat other human beings like Will Caligan is the problem.”

Now they’re faced with that reality.

And Caligan is a grateful, gracious guy according to Megan Fox over at PJ Media: 

Caligan is humbled by the outpouring of support from the comics community, but not used to the attention as his profile has been launched into the national spotlight. The attention can only bring positive things, however, as the industry is buzzing about Caligan and his work. All Short Fuse Media seems to have accomplished with their politically correct panic attack is push Caligan to the next level of his career.

Now, not only is Castalia House funding a project for Caligan, but other publishers are following suit.

What’s great is he’s in talks with Chris Kennedy Publishing to draw an adaptation of their Four Horsemen military science fiction. Those books are fantastic and the more stuff like this that gets made in the comic realm, the more we’re going to reshape the industry and bust the oligopoly. This is just the beginning of a cultural revolution.

On my front, I’m creating a revolution in science fiction, as well as comics. If you like my content, make sure you don’t miss out on all the exclusives in my patreon, including monthly short stories, comics and books as they are made. 

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