Evil Girlfriend Media Shutting Its Doors

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It saddens me today to receive notice that EGM is shutting its doors and closing down. I wish there had been a little more notice but the kindle version is already gone. Jennifer Brozek, my former editor, was the chief editor there. All of their books will be gone from their stores soon, including, sadly, my debut novel.

This book was nominated for 2 awards, including the most prestigious award in science fiction, the Dragon Award. I think it was a fantastic debut.

As of right now, the paperback version still exists. I have emailed the people at Star Realms (White Wizard Games) to see if there’s anything I can do to get this back in print because I know people love to check out my books, but we’ll have to see how that goes.

For now, you might want to pick this up while you still can:


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4 thoughts on “Evil Girlfriend Media Shutting Its Doors

  1. It’s still listed in my “Contents and Devices” – hopefully that means that if you had bought it they’re not erasing it.

    I know Amazon.com has erased purchases in the past when there have been copyright claims/issues – but have never heard of this situation where the publisher (presumably the copyright owner?) goes under.

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