This Is Just The Beginning Of The New Counter Culture

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Yesterday I spent some good time talking to a great professional and industry colleague, Timothy Lim. We’ve  of course communicated a bit online over the last several months, but this was the first conversation we had. In the age of digital communication it’s almost easy to forget about voice and other humans who are on the other end of the screen, and it’s actually nice to have a reminder that someone else is there.

But it’s also great because it solidified just how closely we are aligned and how we’re on the same page.

This is the beginning of a movement in culture. For the first time in more than a generation, people are coming out and speaking and are proud to state their beliefs, pushing back against a monolithic SJW control of music, games, books and film. The SJW elites in these industries have grandstanded for decades, rubbing it in the face of the populace, talking down to everyone as if they know better than the regular folk because they’re “the artists.”

They haven’t cared that the audience doesn’t love their message. They defiantly declared “well, you’re the problem, audience.” They haven’t cared that despite their message being diversity and inclusion, they have ostracized and condemned anyone who thinks differently than them. They openly conspire to physically attack or blacklist people on the right from their conventions, and then began to ban people under the pretext worrying about their own safety. But why are they acting like complete lunatics?

Because we’re finally in an age where we can produce and release our own content. The internet has changed the game, and they don’t know how to use it. They don’t know how to employ their messages in this medium, they’re not interested in learning it, and the barrier to entry and gatekeeping have evaporated, allowing messages they don’t like to get through–ones they would have never allowed published in the decades before.

And it’s happening. Lim’s book Thump had  to go to seven different printings as it went viral. People are starved for funny content that isn’t down in the dumps, dark, or negative. It’s why people love my books so much as well. There’s a lot of what seems overwhelming screaming going on simply because we release content, and we speak out, and we tell them “no, we won’t be afraid, and no we don’t care if we’re respectable to you.”  Guess what? Readers love it. Both the attitude and our works.

And it drives them crazy. We’re supposed to lay down, be quiet, be contrite that they hate us. Realize the error of our ways and be made an example of like they intended.

But we’re not going to do that. Why? Because We’re winning.

The mere act of defiance by continuing to speak out, continuing to make content, continuing to gain readers is important, subversive to the lockstep control of entertainment, and winning by itself. We’re only one year into this and the growth rate is incredible– and not slowing down at all. This is the new counter culture. We are the new punk rock. And people are starved for our content.

If you ever were afraid of speaking out, thinking that you can maintain the respect of the SJW cabal and keep to yourself, it’s not going to work. Join us. It’s more fun over here. We can say what we believe and not worry. Our people actually are open and tolerant. We know how to use the internet to its full potential and have fun with marketing. It’s a brand new world out there.

It’s just going to get better. 2018 and 2019 are going to be huge growth for the movement as more people discover us, people who have tuned out of culture because they thought no one was making it for them. There’s millions of readers out there, and they’re waiting for you and me to show them de wae.

Come rally to the cause and see what the fuss is about. The reason they work overdrive to blacklist me is my books are so good they’re not being ignored. You’ll probably enjoy them too. Join us and check out For Steam And Country. 

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